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Star Wars: Legacy (Vol. 10) - Extremes

Cade Skywalker is tearing through the galaxy looking to hunt down the Sith and taking the war to them. I feel that we have gone down this path before. 473 more words

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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Supergirl #30 by Hamid Hojabr

To begin this review I am going on the record to say I have never once read a single issue of Supergirl! When I got asked to do this I wasn’t looking forward to doing so; however, that was my reaction to being handed this comic. 437 more words

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Review: Superior Spider-Man #31

“I was wrong. For me to even be here–someone had to die.
– Peter Parker (the real one)

Superior Spider-Man has finally come to an end. 1,159 more words


Comic Review - Stray Bullets: Killers #2 by Simon Hernandez

 Set in the 1986, we found ourselves reading from a story based in Sandcastle,  MD. After being gone and unheard from for 6 months, much to her Aunts surprise;  a young, vivacious, and spry female by the name of Virginia returns. 427 more words

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Comic Book Review: "Genesis" by R.D. Llamas

 From the start “Genesis”, the newest graphic novella from Image Comics, was really hard to like; let alone love.  Honestly, it was rather disappointing since the premise was strong and full of potential. 621 more words

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Comic Reviews: Superior Spider-Man and Sinestro!


 Superior Spider-Man #31 (Marvel Comics)

Superior Spider-Man reaches its monumental finale with issue 31, and writers Dan Slott and Christos Gage, alongside artist Giuseppe Camuncoli, don’t disappoint. 1,012 more words

Speed Reading! - The Flash #29

And now we come to conclusion of this three-issue arc and writer Brian Buccellato’s run on The Flash. I liked it. Nothing was inherently wrong with it, but the issue did leave me a bit wanting. 494 more words

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