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Batman By Felipe Massafera

Brazilian comic book artist and illustrator Felipe Massafera rendered this amazing image of Batman and posted it on his Facebook page. Massafera’s been working in the American comic book industry for the last eight years and he’s known for his realistic powerful cover art!

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COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Image Comics - Zero #7

Dusty…isolated….hot….sunset; Where? Juarez, Mexico. In the year 2020. A man on a cell phone saying his farewell for now. He plans ahead to what he’ll do when he gets back with voice on the other end of the phone call, Sara. 649 more words

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'68: Homefront #2 Pg 1

Peek-a-boo! August, September, October and November are too far away.

RoboChuck Issue #2 Review

Created by: Chris Callahan
Art & Story by: Chris Callahan
Publisher: Turtlebunny Productions

When you go to the movies today and you see the release of animated movies, what do you see? 862 more words

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Fan Art

One of my all-time favorite comic book characters has always been Captain America as a member of the Avengers. Just like so many other artists hooked on comic books, I have drawn my heroes numerous times. 16 more words


Here is the cover design for my comic book Havoc Force! Art by yours truly, all color work by Robert Cook.