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The most disappointed I've ever been in a comic.

This series made no goddamn sense whatsoever.

Because the entire plot and every line of dialogue took place during a fight scene, I still, twenty years later, have no idea what M.

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Maisie Williams wears a Book Dress to Comic-Con

Anyone who is a avid comic book enthusiast knows all about Comic-Con. This convention brings the creators of comics, science fiction and fantasy authors, producers, writers, film and television directors and a myriad of special guests for discussions about various art forms. 166 more words


Marketing Monday: Who is the Top Dog on Facebook?

It’s Monday which means a new Marketing Monday and checking out how the various Facebook fanpages have grown or shrunk over the past week.

Overall, the pages continued to grow, this week gaining 445,529 individuals total, a 1.60% increase. 157 more words


Geekstery: The Pulp-Culture

Before we get into the characters we have all become familiar with, let’s take a look at the heroes that have sparked the imaginations of their creators.   488 more words

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SDCC 2014: Star Trek Meets Planet of the Apes!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to “mind-meld” with a sentient ape? Or wanted to see a Klingon on horseback, brandishing a rifle? 150 more words


Marvel Comic-Con 2014

Marvel put on a show at San Diego Comic Con 2014. They blew away Hall H with footage from Ant Man and got a standing ovation from 6,000+ after they showed a teaser for next year’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. 97 more words


A Comic-Con footnote

I was standing outside the convention center for Comic-Con 2014 on Saturday — it was hot and noisy, and waiting for the traffic signal to change was even more unpleasant because of the Christian evangelicals positioned at various crosswalks. 402 more words