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Love potions without number

Tom Holt The Portable Door Orbit 2004

Tom Holt is a respected comic fantasy writer, whose only other work I was previously aware of was… 314 more words


Quick and quirky guide

Paul Wake, Steve Andrews and Ariel, editors
Waterstone’s Guide to
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

Series editor Nick Rennison
Waterstone’s Booksellers 1998

Although getting a bit outdated now (the Waterstones apostrophe, dropped to howls from purists early in 2012, is still there in its full glory) this is a ready reference giving a flavour of the range of authors and works in the three genres. 429 more words


KokkieH Reviews Men At Arms by Sir Terry Pratchett

I reckoned it’s probably time I drop this laziness and do one of these again, what do you think?

‘What’s so hard about pulling a sword out of a stone? 

688 more words

Check it out... Unreliable Histories by Rob Gregson

Publication Date: March 12, 2014
What do you do when you suspect someone has been changing history? And what do you do when you suspect that ‘someone’ might be you? 357 more words

Part 2 of #Bookaday

Time for the second instalment of my responses to this:

I’d got as far as number 8 last time, so let me think of something film or TV related. 646 more words