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Chapter 8: Continued Fixation on Blobfish

All over Sornus, chaos ruled. A group of five ragtag heroes, consisting of a charismatic nobleman, his most trusted cavalier, a genius clairvoyant, the thorniest barbarian on the continent of Florentia, and a nun, rose up to reorder society. 1,580 more words


Life Has a Sick Sense of Humor and Why I Write Comic Fantasy

It’s no secret, life is hard, and sometimes it seems as though the cosmos is laughing at our struggles. I, personally, feel like I’ve become the butt of some cosmic joke. 378 more words

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'The scriptlings' by Sorin Suciu

This comic fantasy novel introduces a new fictional world, a highly original mash-up of technology and magic. ‘Scriptlings’ are magicians’ apprentices. They learn from their masters how to cast spells using dead languages such as Sumerian and Latin. 566 more words

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Chapter 7: The Effects of Cold Steel on Blobfish

Worwirt Carlyle was a simple man. A man used to three things; the sweat of his brow, the callouses of his hands, and the helping of strangers in need. 1,668 more words


Chapter 6: Anarchy Requires Significant Orgnaization

Finding yourself in a foggy white void is rarely, if ever, a good thing. It is, in fact, worse than finding yourself in a foggy black void. 1,597 more words


My Blurb Needs More . . . Oomph. What Do You Think?

I’m in the final edits of my first novel, and I’ve recently contracted an artist to create the cover art for the book cover. For the back cover, I’d like to include a brief blurb to hook readers and tell what the story is about. 394 more words

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What's so Funny about Comedy?

The month of August saw the passing of three beloved comic actors. Since then, we’ve been sharing our favorite pictures, quotes, jokes, as well as stories to honor and remember them.  380 more words

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