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Chapter 16: Giants All The Way Down

Sulan appreciated the warmth of the tavern. It was biting into his skin and soaking him through to the core. In this same establishment were five people, four of which found it rather odd that the traveler who they had attempted to help on the road now showed up in the Lusty Gnome of all places. 1,760 more words


Chapter 15: I Am Become Worlds, Destroyer of Death

“Who ya think ya are huh?” said Tetracog, borrowing Sulan’s mouth for a little while.

“I am Death, Destroyer of Worlds.”

“Get off your high horse, buddy.” 1,583 more words


Chapter 14: Sprites and Horsemen

Sulan stood up. The clairvoyant had remembered Rosecoast. The College. His parents. He’d been away from all of it for days. They all probably thought he was dead. 1,761 more words


Festive highlights, week 1

The first of my two weeks off work is just about over, and as was inevitable I’ve done a pitiful amount of writing. I have, however, read most of… 202 more words


Chapter 13: The Smell of Clown Ash in the Morning

Sulan, who had fainted and was subsequently lifted onto the nearest chair, came back to consciousness after ten minutes. He briefly considered the fact that being unconscious so often in such a short period of time probably wasn’t the best thing for his constitution, but was quickly overcome by the scent of coffee grounds. 1,323 more words


Chapter 12: Personally Offensive Interior Design

Sulan began to walk, and the black tentacles let him pass. Regenia scurried through after him, casting a disapproving glance on every wayward appendage.

They got to the door, and the clairvoyant went to knock, but the door opened on its own. 1,732 more words


A Game of Two Halves - The Torso and Legs, comic fantasy from Rob Knipe

Evening all, just a quick post to say that I’ve put up the first three chapters and the prologue for the novel I wrote over the summer. 39 more words