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XXX. i, In which I am disturbed while eating muffins. [Reader be advised, Ch.30 is interminable - thus given in parts.]

My dear Tobias, as I lay this night under the roof of Hob, considering the spider dandling above my cot, I cannot sleep and so sing a little song to keep myself from a-shivering and a-weeping: 783 more words

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Book Extract. Almost Dead In Suburbia.

For Lyz. Who has lotsanlots…anlots of patience.   :)

I’ve hardly posted anything from this book. Odd I suppose, but then there is a teaser posted on the publisher’s website. 3,155 more words

XXIX. In which I visit the House of Hob.

It was a half-holiday in the garden and Mr Hob, the tender hearted hangman, was in jovial mood. As he walked along the woodland path he would break occasionally into a jig while mumbling curious melody to himself :  I know a place where a tall tree grows, where that place is nobody knows. 1,614 more words


Fantasy Reads - A Hat Full of Sky

This week I’m recommending `A Hat Full of Sky’, a wise and sensitive novel by the king of Comic Fantasy, Terry Pratchett. If wise and sensitive aren’t words you associate with Terry  Pratchett, perhaps you haven’t read much (or any?) of his work. 1,179 more words

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XXVIII. In which I receive a visitor.

Imagine my surprise, Tobias, when I found that I had been called upon during my confinement by none other than my old adversary, Mr Matthew Hob, the college hangman, whose Christian name has at last been revealed to me in a moment of quiet contemplation. 3,658 more words


XXVII. In which I hear voices in the dark

‘I’ll have his fingernails.’

‘You will not.’

‘I will. I’ll have his fingernails. It’s my turn.’

‘It’s not your turn.’

‘’tis my turn.’

‘Well you can have one of them. 2,378 more words


XXVI. A Yet Further Conversation with Professor Morris.

‘Ah! There you are Nathaniel, come in. This won’t take long. Do sit down. This is just an informal chat regarding your stay with us you understand. 1,130 more words