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Pick of the Week: DEAD BODY ROAD #5

“Good Luck Dodging a Buck-Shot.”

Top pick this week is Image/SkyBound’s, ultra-violent, crime series, Dead Body Road. Issue #5 hit the shops and this series seems to get better and better every release. 295 more words


Batman Eternal #3

Third Installment Cements a Slow Start…

In short, this series has slowly taken a nose-dive with the last two issues. I think the creators might have stretched themselves too thin spreading the story over 52 issues. 218 more words

Comic Review

Review: Mass Effect: Foundation #10

“Before joining Shepard, master thief Kasumi Goto was known as the most skilled burglar in populated space. Witness her early adventures as she pilfers from the galaxy’s most elite—and most dangerous!” 551 more words


Review: The Walking Dead #126

“”ALL OUT WAR,” Conclusion. This changes everything.”

The Story

Last time on The Walking Dead, Eugene safely made it to the Hilltop with the others who fled the Factory with him, and with a truck loaded full of ammunition. 452 more words


SUPERMAN #30: Prelude to Superman Doomed

Nobody Likes a Tease, DC.

The most recognizable superhero in the world is set to face off, once again, with Doomsday. Ads have pictured the monstrosity wielding a torn and battered cape, undoubtedly, belonging to Superman. 152 more words

Comic Review

Original SIN #0: Who is the Watcher?

Marvel’s Big Summer Story Arc Starts Right Here!

Marvel has been filling their books with ads for Original Sin for the past couple of months. Pages with Biblical verses in the foreground, popular Marvel characters in the background, and all underneath, “Original SIN.” 553 more words


Harley Quinn #5 - Review

Continuing from last issue, where Harley met Borgman. Borgman asked Harley to help him eliminate 8 people on his hit list, and in return, he will help Harley figure out who put the bounty on her head. 346 more words