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Where to Showcase my Art?

When looking at expos, conventions, and events, it is always hard to figure out where I would possibly want to present my work at. Due to my work being a wide range catering to different types of people and age groups, I particularly found a few I would love to be a part of. 176 more words

The Life Of A Midget

Is it May yet?

Try as I might to seem professional – actually that is the wrong word. More likeĀ ‘a grown up’ – on this blog, I can’t help but want to spend all my blogging time on the latest fan-girl moment that I am having. 161 more words

BatDad is Still Rad

When I find myself in times of trouble, BatDad comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, “the rules of the road don’t apply to me.” Seriously though. 205 more words

Time part 3, What could you do if your got laundry done?

In previous blogs I have talked about time maps and managing time. Today, I wanted to share some thoughts about what to do when (not if) you make some space on your time map. 1,279 more words