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The Muse Reconsiders

Summer Art Challenge Day 37 — making art every day!

I had fun colouring the comic I posted yesterday in pen and ink! Iris did too, and was relieved to be making art in the studio, not in the garden in the hot sun. 99 more words


Spiced Apples

Haven’t posted a comic strip in awhile, hope you guys enjoy it!


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 7/29/14

We interrupt your regularly scheduled awesome cosplay to bring you San Diego Comic Con! Yes, I was supposed to have an FFVII cosplay today (since it’s an odd day and if you picked up the pattern, that’s when I was doing it), b-but SDCC! 86 more words


REVIEW: Original Sin: Daredevil #6

The Original Sin series continues now with our favorite handicapped superhero, Daredevil. You’d think with all the powerful eyes bouncing around town that Murdock might get hooked up with one, but then he’d no longer be super I guess. 322 more words


The Duality of Comic Characters

What I like to refer to as the duality of characters, in which long standing characters are often defined in two very different, and in some instances opposite, manners has existed in comics for many decades. 757 more words