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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 vs Guardians of the Galaxy

Whoa… Turns out The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is really good, quite inspiring as well. I didn’t find any dialogue that’s cheesy and ineffective like I did in Guardians of the Galaxy. 107 more words

Be the best (You can be) "Continuity" Ch 1 S5

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“I know it’s late, but it will be up! And way that’s what matters, right? One more on the way, and that will be the last one of the “double” posting weeks. 83 more words


Comic covers: Do they matter?

‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ that’s the old saying right but should it apply to comics as well? Covers are a big part of comics as they are often used to hint at the contents of the issue or sometimes outright as previews for the interior, so maybe a certain degree of judging showed be allowed. 12 more words