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Lancer Quest (32)

“Coming to an Understanding”

Always important to establish rules of engagement.


birds in a sluddle is finished!

It took a month and more, but Birds in a Sluddle is finished.   I gave up posting it bit by bit when my eye problems got so much worse, because nobody wants to read about that.   101 more words

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Lancer Quest (31)

“Reaching Out”

Sometimes, that’s all you need to do.


minicomic cover no longer in progress (probably)

Is anything ever finished?  Well, it darn well better be, if any comics are ever going to actually be published anywhere in the world, much less here in Kekionga.  208 more words

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april alternate history

If you know me, you know I have a deep loathing for all forms of pranks and practical jokes.  So rest assured, you will not be subject to any kind of April Fool here.  133 more words

Comics And Cartooning

a minicomic cover in progress

Just for fun, here’s the cover of the second volume of Pretty Good Dragons in very rough conditions.  Sane, normal cartoonists draw something like this in black on a white ground and then scan it and reverse the black and the white in the computer using any kind of image manipulation software.  170 more words

Comics And Cartooning

Lancer Quest (30)


The only problem with a cute art style is when you have to draw someone looking sad.