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The End of the Ultimate Universe From Two of Its Most Iconic Creators!

Bendis. Bagley. The death of the Ultimate Universe. Secret Wars! ‘Nuff said. 55 more words


Review: The Secret History of Wonder Woman - Jill Lepore.

Thanks to a ‘feminist books you really have to read’ type list from 2014, I finally decided to buy this after humming and hawing for a while. 463 more words

Book Review

The Things I Do For Comics - Hello, I'm Johnny Cash

Did you see the film Walk the Line but walk away thinking that it wasn’t quite preachy enough? Well, this week your prayers will be answered by this little gem: 1,423 more words


Chapter 16 - Gifts & Surprises

Faster than light, here’s the translation of chapter 16. This time I have to thank not one but TWO proofreaders, which made my work easier and faster. 90 more words

Porn Stuff

My Favorite Graphic Novels (As a Kid and Teen)

As I finished off my list of favorite graphic novels last week, I realized something: I was listing my favorite comics now, books that have meant something to me as an adult, or at least into adulthood. 579 more words


November 23/14 - Not Feeling So Good....

And sometimes when you gotta go…. You gotta go….

On another note, I just finished a moleskine sketchbook that is full of these comics.  Every bloody page!   153 more words