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James S. Luckey Community Impact (December 2012)

In 1982, my mother at the age of twenty immigrated to America from Sweden. The one thing that fascinated her was this country’s vibrant civic culture, characterized by volunteers involving themselves in the affairs of their communities. 955 more words

Houghton College

Real-Life "Hunger Games": Soft Oppression Destroys the Poor

Social capital, what’s that? The built-up support networks of families and individuals that help maintain and order their lives. Family ties, community ties — with organizations like churches, schools, and voluntary associations that once were more common parts of everyone’s lives. 3,058 more words


The Origins of Our Growing Class Divide

Insights from James Madison, Alexis de Tocqueville, and the Anti-Federalists

A number of recent studies have demonstrated how far apart Americans are growing—Republican from Democrat, rich from poor. 1,754 more words


Start your morning with Rod Dreher

Sorry to harp on about Rod but he has another terrific post from July 2nd that I missed yesterday in which he analyses the Supreme Court of the United States decision… 3,041 more words