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It’s that time of year again when people casually stroll back into your life.

To Mend A Friendship

He had taken pains to understand
He had wronged his friend
Yet he did not want
Their friendship to end

He knows he is in the wrong… 114 more words


That night

And what a relief,
You came and knocked on my window little love.
Impulsive little darling
you got lost in the neighbourhoods of a city we didn’t know too well yet. 244 more words


What is it about love?

Love, such a wonderful thing, but it brings so many questions
What is it about love, that makes your heart skip a beat?
What is it about love, that makes the pain feel so sweet? 313 more words


It's time for me to get back to this.

Hello, everyone.

Holy mackerel, has this place changed since I was last here! WordPress has been busy streamlining things, hasn’t it? So I’m going to start doing fun things with the layout. 232 more words


Coming Back!

Its been 3 whole months from no activity for my blog :(
Due for school work and now that I am doing a Christmas play, I’ve been terribly busy. 85 more words

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