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Memo: Coming back to wordpress

I guess I am back for now. Hopefully I am stable in mind. Missed my fellow bloggers/ friends


These three

Emily asks me yesterday morning

“Mom do you think Dad will come home today?”

I told her “I don’t know he wasn’t sure when he was going to come back” 1,105 more words

The Walking Dead S5E1: No Sanctuary

Review by Gene

Anticipation for a season premiere of a show you love can sometimes be a bad thing. You don’t want your excitement to skew your thoughts of the episode. 1,060 more words


Rise From The Ashes- To Be Honest Games is Coming Back

Hello all! Sorry for the inactivity over the past few weeks, senior year has been very busy lately, with extracurriculars, college applications, and good old school work. 138 more words




Olá a todos!

Eu sei que há muito tempo que tenho estado ausente e, por isso, está na hora de voltar.

Agradeço a todos pela paciência e a quem aqui continua, iremos ver-nos em breve. 86 more words


So, hi guys!

I haven’t been posting any blog posts or tweeting for quite a while and it is just that school just started and I am packed with homework and books and books and books. 50 more words

Keeping up

So I haven’t made any posts lately. I’ve had some ideas–even started to work on them… And that’s as far as I got. This week I’ll be trying to get some of those ideas out there for you all. 14 more words