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Journey of a Lifetime

I have more-or-less so to speak abandoned this body since the last post September 2012.. as there was much work and life and cosmic missions to accomplish out in the “real” 3D world, I apologize for the MIA.. 49 more words


Rescue, Farming, Manning Up

Last week I did something I cannot even believe I did. I sent the dog my roommate and I co-rescued from the local shelter back to the shelter. 1,846 more words

The (Travel) Hangover

I’m sure he didn’t coin the term, but every time I complain/express disappointment about this city/talk about leaving/lose all hope in the betterment of tomorrow, my brother tries to remind me that this is all part of the travel hangover and that this too shall pass. 717 more words

Elliptical Sojourn: Honesty at the Teat

I feel like a prizefighter tossing horseshoes. An amoeba discerning between a meiotic and mitotic uprising. I’m that little sticker I hid under the rug of my childhood bedroom. 151 more words

Life Matters

Eurovision 2014: Have your Say on Malta

With less than three weeks to go until the final of the 59th European Song Contest opens its doors in the Danish city of Copenhagen, we’re having a look at another country who’s joining the festivities this year; Time to meet Firelight from Malta. 


Dil turns 31.5

Tomorrow is my 31st and a half birthday. No I don’t generally celebrate it but I do remember it none the less. It’s perhaps taken me 31.5 years to realize certain things, things I did not know 31.5 years ago, well I couldn’t have obviously I wasn’t born then. 421 more words

Jet lag, what jetlag?

I thought it was going to be horrendous. It isn’t at all!

We left Barbados on Monday afternoon. Night one on the plane to London. 426 more words