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Father Paul

Paul was intelligent and he did well at school.  During his early teens he took an interest in sports, his athleticism was good and when it came time to choose, he chose basketball instead of football. 610 more words

Adult Stories

Life After College: What Limbo Feels Like.

Oh hey.

Well, today is going to be a life post, if only for the reason that I just need to talk a few things through and if no one reads this, great! 2,082 more words

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August 21, 1994 - Sunday - 5:05 p.m.

Since Kevin is going to college tonight, both cars are needed and I won’t be able to attend the High Falls youth group tonight.  This morning however, Kristen showed up at church.   467 more words

Now Is Good

Now Is Good is a British teen drama film based on the novel Before I Die by Jenny Downham.

I really enjoyed the novel, I read it back in 2007 when it came out and quickly referred it to others. 777 more words




After wanting to watch this film for a while now – ever since I heard its trailer begin with the memorable song “I like it like that” which immediately sets the tone – I’m happy to say that this is one o the easiest 5 star film reviews I’ve ever had to do. 408 more words

Coming Of Age


Our first day back at school after spring break, my friend Jody was excited.  After our first class she dragged me off to the toilets. We discussed what we’d been up to over the break and she waited till there was no one else there and she showed me her new piercing. 176 more words


Rainy season

It seems Amsterdam has progressed from summer into autumn already in August this year.

The only consolation I can think of regarding this most unwelcome turn of nature is anticipating the autumn movie premiere roster. 271 more words

Coming Of Age