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Thank You to All the Lipreading Tutors Out There

The 8th to 12th September is Lipreading Awareness Week in the UK and so my post is in honour of the Lipreading tutors around the world. 544 more words

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The Gay Playlist

I title this post based on a conversation I had with someone today that took a really strange turn. It started as a basic introduction, upon which the person found out that I was 1) a lesbian and 2) a musician who had done a lot of work in and studying of the music industry.   1,449 more words

New Year, New Name

It’s August 19th. My actual birthday. The day my legal name changes. Thankfully it’s not as nerve wrecking as my actual birthday party, but it means going back into complete boy mode for the day. 1,110 more words


Further and further out

So far, coming out to friends – and now I can include family members in that number – hasn’t turned out to be nearly as difficult as I expected it to be a few months ago. 858 more words


A long time between drinks!

Well, the epiphany continues. I have decided now that I really need to be honest with myself and the people around me. I don’t even pretend to understand how hard it must be for members of the LGBT community to ‘come out’ to fundamentalist friends and family, I just know how hard it has been for me to ‘come out’ with regards to my spiritual beliefs…or lack thereof (more to the point!) 535 more words


Trying to be fearless: Coming Out, Part One

Because this is a pretty personal post, and I know not everybody in the world is as loving and open-hearted as my friends and family, publishing this got me a little worked up.  1,572 more words


What Constitutes a Family?

Recently I had a family reunion with some of my cousins. Yes, I am related to these people by blood. But in reality, I know very little about them. 581 more words