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Life style changes ..

So today, is the 3rd day i wear sports bra full time at work to keep my growing breast less noticeable at work .. 549 more words


asked and answered

If you’d ever asked me to tell you the story of how I became this way, I’m not sure where it is I’d even begin to start. 162 more words



I was always so afraid

you’d melt me away.

that all your acquiescent brightness

would cast too much liquid sunshine

into my realm of dulcet lunar shade… 58 more words


concentric circles

I run circles in my mind,

a million miles of open grass or darkest valleys,

deep, slick

and jet black, like the shiny blue-cast fur on an unlucky cat. 331 more words


it's odd to grow up believing your only non-privileged quality is your gender, and then to one day discover you're much more a minority than you'd thought

there are times
I’m just sitting in a theatre
the dull roar before the show
standing invisible in a crowded room
lost among the real ones and their friends… 73 more words



the black of darkness floods my eyes,

the dimming moon seeps in

The sweet, derisive morning slides

too early, and too thin.

I touch the fabric of silken night… 17 more words


"We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized the real monsters were inside of us."

I write

so that the monsters do not eat me up

From inside.

I write so that

The velvet fabric of the words can line my organs… 148 more words