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the start of coming to terms with my mental health

Hi, I’m a mum to 3 amazing children and I also have mental health problems. I am starting this blog to help me come to terms with my mental health and to help others realise there are more people in the same boat as them than they think! 59 more words

Invited Her Exes to the Wedding

A story of romance, of love, translated…

Awhile ago I was invited to a wedding, I was blessed to be sitting at the table of two people who knew the bride well. 361 more words


A Cocoon


What a brand new experience!  The first time I’d gotten on the Southbound railroads, and, I’d traveled around the island in this fashion, and connected with the Northbound trains.   463 more words

State Of Mind

maybe we need this.

The beginning of last spring was a particularly dark time for me. I was feeling like you do when you’re swimming and you’re deep under water holding your breath, and you can see the sunlight streaming through the surface, but it feels just a bit too far to get all the way up there to breathe, to live. 361 more words

About Writing


I wrote another song. It’s about a lot of things. I’ll tell you more about them after you read it.

I tried to drown myself in you…

573 more words
Anxiety & Depression

Twenty-Five Years of Love & Devotion

That is, a QUARTER of a CENTURY, for those of you who can’t “count”!!!

Twenty-five years of love and devotion got flushed down the drains in a matter of few minutes, because that, was all it took, an argument, where angry words get throw out toward each other, and, with both sides of the “party” feeling hurt over what was said, there’s just NO way of taking all that back again that’s for sure! 123 more words

Coming To Terms

Always the Youngest Child in the House, on Growing Old Together


Before I retired, all my coworkers envied me, said that I get the chance to sleep in, until I wake up on my own.  Actually, I still kept to my schedule as I was working, because there is still, a “youngest child” in my house that needed me to look after, he is, my husband. 612 more words

Coming To Terms