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Return the Solitude Back to the Wintry Weather

Found online, translated…

Sat on that chair for almost forever now

But I still can’t feel any heat at all

After I’d gotten back up, the smoke still circled all around… 233 more words

State Of Mind

The Mind, on a Merry-Go-Around

I took the mind, to the amusement park, and, it’d gone on ALL the rides it’d wanted to, and, after it’d rode ALL the rides in the amusement parks, it’d gone for a second, and then, a third, a fourth try. 135 more words

Feelings & Emotions

Your Leaving Finally Caught Up with Me

Call it a delayed reaction if you want to…

Your leaving finally caught up with me today, this morning, I woke, looked out my window, there was nothing, but this sadness that raged on, stormed outside my windows. 124 more words

Feelings & Emotions



Allow yourselves the Time, adjust yourselves into comfortable positions, to allow the mind to drift freely, to have inner conversations.

The background noises from the broadcasting radios, the sounds from the television, allow them all, to dissipate, into nothing, with the steams that slowly evaporated away. 67 more words

State Of Mind

I Watched, as My Finally-Built Tree House Get Destroyed by the Huge Storm

I couldn’t, go out there, into my big backyard, to save you, I’m sorry, the rain, it just poured down, like the skies became holely (filled with too many holes???).   216 more words

Feelings & Emotions

Hopes and Dreams

I love dreams. I believe that God can speak to us in our dreams to warn us of things or to help us understand something about ourselves. 608 more words

Coming to terms

Time has gone by and I have not touched my blog in so long. I’m not sure who I should apologize to more, WordPress, the blog, or myself?! 626 more words