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A New Chance

Every new day a chance to start anew
Tell me, just what will you do

A chance to change things done wrong
Before the night becomes too long… 60 more words


“If a person prevents her/himself from moving forth, then, everything will become an obstacle in her/his path.”~~~R. W. Emerson, American writer.

You are your own obstacle in life, you think that you’re NOT getting that job promotion you’d worked so freakin’ hard towards because your bosses, your coworkers are stabbing you on the back?

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State Of Mind

Giving Your Parents the Spaces and the Freedom, on Filial Relations


Awhile ago, I’d gone back to visit with my side of the family, I saw that the house was a bit messy, so, I’d started, fixing the mess up, I felt very glad, that I could help my mother out, with tidying up, but, a few days later, I’d gotten a call from her, she’d asked me angrily, if I’d tossed out her false teeth, turns out, a few days ago, when she took her dentures off, she’d wrapped it up with toilet paper, and, I thought it was trash, so, as I’d helped tidying up her home, I’d thrown it away. 330 more words

Feelings & Emotions



He said, that the major difference between the memories of the brain and the memories of the body is in that there’s a reasoning of the passageway of the memories of the brains.  524 more words

Feelings & Emotions

No Clear View at All

I have lived almost all of my life with an unclear view of reality; mainly because of what went on in my childhood. I have always used sex to get what I thought was love. 876 more words


"Love" and "Acceptance"; Revisited

At a deep level, everyone craves “love” and “acceptance”. Many will do anything to get that “love”, Some will do things against their better judgment just to be “accepted”. 553 more words


Year 2: Day 3 - Written With Guilt And Not At All

It’ll be written with guilt and not at all,
everything I wish I could write to you,
a thousand lines in a teardrop
wiped away before bed again. 236 more words


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webster-grafitti-on-brickCharlotte is back with her 365 Day Poetry Project for year two and she's off to a fantastic start :D

Charlotte Cuevas ColourA walking stereotype, Charlotte Cuevas is exactly what you'd expect from a children's librarian and freelance writer- most days you'll find her bustling about here and there, balancing coffee and a stack of books, fingers stained with ink and pearls jangling. She's quite serious about poetry, literature, personal growth, and figuring out how to rebuff society's standards when she's most content fitting right into them. The 365 Poetry Project is Charlotte's attempt to push herself to a greater mastery of the craft, as opposed to her wonderful penchant for writing “whenever I feel like it.” She in no way claims that it was her idea; only that it feels like something she need to do. http://charlottecuevas.wordpress.com