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What if We Asked These Questions?

Does anyone ask you the questions you desperately want to answer?

People ask me all kinds of things, but rarely am I asked about what really matters to me.   636 more words

Personal Development

The Issues that Surfaces Around Moving Day, on Filial Relations


That day, my parents came, to help me move, it was, a hot summer’s day, and, they had differences of opinions on how things should be moved, and started fighting. 377 more words

State Of Mind

The 500lb Man

Today I stepped on the scale for the first time in about five or more months. It read 500lbs. For about 5 years now, I have teetered on the edge — my weight ranging somewhere between 470 – 498lbs. 63 more words


Push & Shove

Another philosophical encounter, I suppose…translated…

Who can deny, that all new life forms came about through the process of pushing and shoving. Seeing how hard the bees work their ways into the center of the flowers, sucking, pushing inward, nonstop, I had, all of a sudden, realized that the pushing and shoving IS the very start of life itself.   119 more words

State Of Mind

Your Face, Blurred Out by the Rain

Your face, blurred out by the rain, they forced me into that car, and, drove me away, away from the ONLY home I ever knew, away from you, and, I just cried, NONSTOP in the backseat, crying out for you… 166 more words

State Of Mind

Seminar, Fri, 9/12

Discourse and Development (Cross-Talk, Sections Two and Three)

Fastwrite: Write and post a comment on an r2 that you have not yet replied to—or write a response to the comments you’ve received on your own r2. 315 more words


What in the World

I feel like I am one really messed up person. I say this because looking out from where I am and where I feel that I would like to be are at the opposite ends of the spectrum of the equation called life. 675 more words

Everyday Life