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Mom! Let Me Take Your Hand

A story of improving of the mother-daughter relationship, translated…

Because I wanted to distance myself from my headstrong and must-have-her-way-always mother, I’d married far to Taipei, and this method actually worked too.   277 more words


Acceptance, and Other Grown Up Decisions

I write this blog to help me cope, to adjust to my feelings and try to think about what’s happening in my life and to me as a person. 658 more words

You Had Lost Your Passions

From a namely Taiwanese Chef, translated…

“If you feel that you’re having it hard, then, that means, that you do NOT have any passions for what you do left”. 197 more words


A Meeting

A short prose, translated…

The few of the emergency meetings stood in the rain, recalling the battles they’d fought.  The thin strands of rain, like questions after     questions, and the answers are like the cabs on the streets, running all over the places, each and every one, seemingly identical to one another. 35 more words

State Of Mind

A Box Full of Memories

A box full of memories, she’d kept, and the contents of the box, nobody ever knew about, until the day she’d died, that, was when the box got “tipped” open… 173 more words


Done with This So-Called Love

Finally F-I-N-I-S-H-E-D!!! Done with this so-called love from you, it took me long enough, to sort through every single strand, to groom it all out that’s for sure… 121 more words

Feelings & Emotions

The Art of Surrender Day 28: Surrender to Your Grief

“Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart.” 

José N. Harris

Today I am going to be writing about a subject that, unfortunately, I understand very well.

1,205 more words
Lifes Lessons