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Here's to Mom

If you knew my mother, you would know that warm, cuddly things aren’t exactly her forte – unless of course, they can be doused and braised in soy sauce. 529 more words

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Off topic: punk rock kids...

Ok, I guess I didn’t explicitly say I hung out with the punk-rock skater kids. I think I didn’t want to label it as such, but that’s who I meant. 81 more words


The Great Slave / Sienna Waits (1920)

The Great Slave (found in Tappan’s Burro and Other Stories, 1923) is another short story from Zane Grey. It was first published in The Ladies’ Home Journal in December of 1920. 6,451 more words



There are so many kinds of freedom.

These last few months at home are the last of a kind I will never know again, the last traces of childhood trickling through the giant sand -timer in the playground of life. 267 more words

22 years of existentialism

There comes a time when you turn 22 and¬†amongst you desperately seeking for answers and at times demanding some kind of meaning out of life, along the way you seem to forget your actual age, ¬†the numbers just merge together like one big blob and you ask yourself, ‘wait am I 21 still oh sh** I accidentally wrote that on my application form no wait am I already 23? 211 more words