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When Do I Become a Woman?

I think we all wonder when it will happen. Will be it be over a long period of time and the realization suddenly sneaks up on us? 1,058 more words


Two- Emotions


One of the biggest changes a child faces as she grows up is all the new things she feels. Emotions become complex. A slight drop in percentage of how happy you are suddenly means something else all together. 280 more words


One- Growing Up.


I remember that, as a kid, I could not wait to grow up. I remember thinking that growing up would mean freedom. It would mean being able to do whatever I wanted. 127 more words


My Story

Theres a great deal to be said about growing up in a conservative hispanic baptist home. For one, never talk about about the homosexuals, abortions, or Obama. 794 more words


Treatment complete/logline!

This week I handed in my treatment to be assessed by my lecturer at university! Just over six thousand words. I’m looking forward to the feedback that he gives me. 135 more words


I Ran Away from Pseudo-Paradise

I come from a big house with very simplistic dreams.

Growing up comparably well-off (definitely not RICH, but lived excessively nonetheless) in a very poor, corrupt and religious country, gave me unique challenges and bourgeois-like ambitions. 646 more words


Up And Over

I felt the sweat perspiring on my forehead, and held in a groan as I saw the long line of customers waiting for their iced coffees and lattes. 671 more words