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Every compliment reminds me how I have not changed physically. That I can lose so much but only my appearance is visible to the world. Do I want people to feel my pain? 45 more words


Girl, an ongoing series 
by Lora Mathis  

Interviewed by Mischa Downing 

Lora Mathis is a real girl.

Her ongoing photo series, Girl, is all about finding magic in the mundane. 222 more words

Involuntary Graduation

I have always thought my time here will be long lasting. That I will forever walk the streets of Singapore, and with my eyes closed, manoeuvre myself along the alleys and material streets of glass. 101 more words

Decorating dreams deferred.

So, in my description of myself for this blog I reference the “decorating dreams I never knew I had.” This idea of decorating something is significant for me. 737 more words


Coming of Age

The boys from Foster the People are back with a new album. Their hit song “Coming of Age” is smashing through the public, they are back and with a vengeance. 26 more words

Back of the Police Van.

It’s still in the heart of winter, the ground is completely covered in snow and the pole that I’m dangling from in my desperate attempt of a set of pull ups is so freezing cold I’m losing feeling in my arms altogether, forget my hands. 438 more words


I could see myself in New York City.
I could see myself anywhere really.
To be honest, I could see myself anywhere
anonymity thrives.

After a piece of you dies… 107 more words

Daily Musings