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Life after E.

Upon arriving from home from Europe with a refreshened mind body and soul I felt more than prepared for this year to end, and to begin 2014 a secure, self-assured, loving, and stronger me. 595 more words


Black Girl YA Circa 1980s

As a little Brooklyn born home-schooled vegan I was enrolled up the wazoo in extracurricular activities, from Gardening at BBG to art classes at the Brooklyn Museum to the Reading is Fundamental Book Club at the Brooklyn Public Library. 532 more words


Day 5: [Drunk 31 year old *bro* at 12:57 AM]

Matt hovers over a group of seemingly intoxicated girls, praying for a break. He slaps a goofy grin on his face, knowing he’s too old for this shit, but not knowing what else to do. 63 more words


Day 4: [Middle-aged man sitting on the stoop outside apartment building]

As Bob hacks up the remains of his insides, he thinks about how damn good his cigarette tastes. What is life but the few good moments; the moments consisting of nicotine. 65 more words


life begins at .....

So, at the start of this week I promised to post something everyday. Then, less than 24 hours later, I get a phone call offering me a full time job – something I had given up hope on after a good 100 job applications had gone unsuccessful.  968 more words


Day 3: [Dainty young-woman barista at Bradbury's]

Two male co-workers stare intently at Roberta’s rosy red lips as she pontificates. As Roberta blabs on and on about the various characters in The Hunger Games (her casting calls vs the filmmakers), she realizes nobody gives a shit. 58 more words


Day 2: [20-something year old boy-man watching girl move her car from one side of the street to the other]

Danny stands firmly on the pavement, watching as a girl sprints out of her apartment towards a vehicle, hops in, flips a u-ie and parks on the opposite side of where she just was. 79 more words