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"If you don't have anything nice to say, and you're a girl ..."

The absolute best part of Brett Booth’s recent tantrum was his invoking of the Bambi Rule. According to Booth, if you write an article criticizing a piece of commercial art on artistic, moral, and commercial grounds, you have to say some nice things too. 121 more words

Twenty-first Century

Gary Panter, Artist Extraordinaire

By Gwenda Haywood
        On April 11, 2014, students gathered in Missouri Western’s Kemper Hall and were treated to a symposium of artist, Gary Panter.
Panter is an illustrator, painter, designer and part-time musician. 310 more words

Στο παράλογο σύμπαν της Σοφίας Πιστοφίδου

Το θέατρο του παραλόγου και η λογική της ψευδαίσθησης συναντιούνται στη δουλειά της νεαρής ταλαντούχας εικονογράφου