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Albert Camus: A Voice In The Wilderness

No, I haven’t read all the man’s work, but what I have read has left its impact. When I was a senior in high school I came across a thin little book called The Stranger, sometimes these days translated as The Outsider, and it set me off on a course of self-discovery that I am still on. 983 more words


Progress Report - The Prologue Continues (In Pencil)

Here is a recent addition to the prologue, scribbled out hastily yesterday while not watching sports on TV. I’m one of those squares that can’t stand a bunch of overpaid men in tights grabbing ass over some leather ball they toss around while getting praised like modern gods. 45 more words


This just in!

We have new books. The first three issues of Scrambled Circuits from my pal Cameron Callahan. Scrambled Circuits are autobio with his characters drawn as monsters and robots and plants. 167 more words

Winston Churchill and Working in bed (a no, no)

I discovered this on a neat little website about Artist Daily Routines:

Despite all this activity Churchill’s daily routine changed little during these years. He awoke about 7:30 a.m. 286 more words