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Butterfly #35 & #36

A Butterfly that I think is a Comma Butterfly or perhaps a Question Mark Butterfly. I saw this neat little one up in the Cannonsville Reservoir area out of Deposit NY along a small stream bed that I was fishing in for Brook Trout.


A Well Punctuated Butterfly

The UK is currently sweltering in a “heatwave”, we really are not used to hot sunny summers. Whilst this might not be nice weather for ducks, it is the sort of weather enjoyed by butterflies. 402 more words



I can’t remember when I last saw a Comma, but yesterday there was one fluttering around me as I fished on the Frome. I’d forgotten how comparatively large they are. 93 more words


The Comma Butterfly...dull name for a ragged beauty.

The Comma Butterfly…..

Seen during a walk in Cockington Watermeadows, this butterflies distinct orange and brown colouring caught my eye amongst the green reeds and grasses. 104 more words


Fragments from a notebook

A busy rainless week with glimpses of the natural world from car windows and between social activities – moments like static photos among the hectic movements of an old film. 161 more words

West Dorset

Butterfly Safari

Fizz and I are going on safari. We are hunting Butterflies but we are not going to the sweet flower meadows where we have been playing, today we are going into the jungle. 249 more words

Tramp's Bestiary

Polygonia c-album, A butterfly with ragged wings.

I was so keen to get close to this butterfly and take his picture that I didn’t notice that he had a slight imperfection, his rear off side being slightly out. 54 more words

Tramp's Bestiary