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Three Comma Rules to Rule Them All

As a writing professor, I receive a lot of free grammar handbooks. Most of these, enumerate the rules of comma usage to a degree that even I find daunting. 413 more words


Use Commas.

“I like cooking my family and my pets.”

Use commas. Don’t be a psycho.


Considering the Oxford Comma

During a recent dinner with a group of writers, teachers, and punctuation enthusiasts, a heated debate ensued over the Oxford comma:

“I never use it.” 782 more words


The Missing Comma

Let’s eat, Grandpa.       Let’s eat Grandpa.

Turkey’s gobble, Grandma.         Turkey’s gobble Grandma.

Commas save lives!!!


How to Verify a Source Name (Update)

This is an addition to the previous post…

Something that I just discovered in Ancestry’s source naming is that they sometimes use a comma and sometimes they don’t. 156 more words

A New Punctuation Mark: The Question/Comma

We have the period. It ends sentences.

We have the comma. It makes pauses in our sentences, and it also allows us to catch our breath. 225 more words

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