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Vladimir Putin: What game is he playing?

“Is Putin Going for a Civ style Conquest Victory?” Or “International Politics is a Strategy game played by noobs.”

The question has raged in my mind lately, and as a gamer I think its fair to ask: What is Vladimir Putin’s goals with Ukraine? 272 more words


Command And Conquer 4

What does it take to take a great gaming franchise that’s been going strong since 1995 and run it into the ground? It takes a single bad game, that is so horrible, and so different from the previous games that it crushed any future the C&C series had. 775 more words



I hate having to be creative on a Monday, after a weekend of doing nothing and sleeping in makes having to do anything the next morning a pain in butt. 530 more words


My Favourite Game #2

I shall be doing 10 of these altogether, they shall be made up of my ten favourite of all time.

One of my favourite genres is RTS. 294 more words