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alias such=git alias very=git alias wow='git status' $ wow $ such commit $ very push

— Mark Schmidt (@MarkSchmidty) December 22, 2014

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Setdown: the best tool for fast and repeatable line based set operations

Introducing setdown

Have you ever been on the command line and tried to perform set operations? Have you ever followed crazy cli guides on the internet… 959 more words


Bash Killer Shortcuts

Command editing shortcuts.

  •  Ctrl + a – go to the start of the command line
  • Ctrl + e – go to the end of the command line…
  • 138 more words

Removing empty lines using `sed`

Consider this snippet from a file:






It’s a list of integers (the full file has 122 of them), but the delimiter is three newline characters. 361 more words


access system clipboard from vim terminal in Mac OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks)

Download MacVim.*  I assume that it will be available at your bash prompt as:


add the following to your bash start up:

alias vim='echo "using macvim in terminal mode" && mvim -v' 103 more words

A GUI Front End To Microsoft's Check Disk Program

Running chkdsk from the Windows Command-line creates and displays a status report for the disk and (with the proper switch parameters) can list and correct the errors that is found on the disk. 67 more words