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Mount and explore a USB drive

Locate the correct disk within the /dev directory

Use the following command to list connected devices and scan identifiable attributes (such as disk volume size) to locate where the USB drive is located. 84 more words


Adding Profiles To User Accounts

I’ve set up an account to run a Task Scheduler task, and immediately the Application logs on my server started filling up with error 1511, in which the message was “Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile. 166 more words


Bashit... Just a Custom Bash Prompt Setup for Git

I use git. I’m honestly shocked when someone doesn’t use git (or at least some DVCS) these days. It just seems somewhat draconian to use any of the legacy source control systems ( 533 more words


Get Arguments Python

Some times we want to get parameters by command line, but using getopt could be a little bit complicated.
so we always can use argparse this library get us our parameters into an namespace ready to use. 63 more words

Command Line

Launch Admin Tools from the command line

If you have Admin Tools installed these can be launched from a command prompt using the an .msc command, below is a list of the tools and the associated msc command:- 230 more words

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HI 9877: Batch Downloading (or not)

Grr raagh. Wrote a blog post. APPARENTLY my draft did not get saved. fragglebraggle. So Let’s see how much I can remember.

Recently in HI9877 we’ve been learning about text analysis and Big Data. 397 more words

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