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Obama Turns a Page

WILLIAM KRISTOL,  The Weekly Standard

Otto von Bismarck may never have said what’s often ascribed to him: “There is a special Providence for drunkards, fools, and the United States of America.” 679 more words


10 Reasons for a "Show of Respect"

A comment to my last post, Manners?, got me thinking about why someone might want to make a “show of respect” even if they don’t feel respect. 250 more words

Current Events


I have to admit that back in 2010 I was one of those who supported Sarah Palin. Despite the fierce media attacks on her, I though her record as Governor of Alaska made her the right candidate to tackle the establishment on both sides of the aisle. 145 more words

Sarah Palin

Nepal's 10 Most Powerful People 2014

As we were doing our own “Extensive Research” mainly on Google we stumbled onto an online research group located in Long Island, New York that goes by the name “Gelal Research Group”. 477 more words

American Sniper Success Testament to Military Appreciation

Michael Moore took to Twitter to attack military snipers the same weekend American hero and Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle’s biopic “American Sniper” was released nationwide and saw extraordinary success at the box office. 610 more words


Speaking of Farts....

About Last Night: During the State of the Union Address, was it just me, or did every single goddamn member of Congress, while listening to a beautiful and inspiring speech from our Commander In Chief, did they or did they not all freaking appear to be desperately holding in a fart, or trying not to smell their neighbors farts? 83 more words

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