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[VIDEO] Commander in Chief: Leader of Western World Speech About Global Terror Threat

Hint: this isn’t from the White House. Britain raised the terror threat level from substantial to severe, meaning that a terrorist attack is considered highly likely. 28 more words


"I'm Confident": Language of a Salesman

The most talked about statement at President Obama’s news conference earlier today was when addressing how the United States would deal with ISIL, he said, “we don’t have a strategy yet”.   328 more words


I can but ditto this Marine’s sentiments…

EDITED 8/28/2014: Thanks to Greg Sanders for the correction.  The Secretary of Defense did attend the funeral.  I suppose that’s something. 181 more words

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Shame on POTUS, VPOTUS, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, ANYONE from the government.... no one. George W. Bush would have interrupted his vacation to meet this honorable Major General who served this country most of his life as his casket arrived in the U.S. and he would have attended his funeral and have spoken very highly of his honorable service. But that's the difference of having someone in office who has worn a uniform and one who hasn't. How can you be Commander-in-Chief if you've never worn a uniform? POTUS and the rest have not only disrespected Major General Greene and his family but they have disrespected every person who has ever worn a uniform or is in uniform now. Remember, this is the same POTUS who is sending pink slips to Captains in combat in Afghanistan. SHAMEFUL isn't a harsh enough word.

10th August 1815. Our Forgotten and Sorry War.

The 1812 War against America saw the  English 85th Regiment of Foot (Bucks Volunteers), win the Battle Honour ‘Bladensburg’, an action resulting in a London, Horse Guards Order of Today 10th August 1815. 486 more words


Hussein Obama’s acts of jihad against America – WARNING! GRAPHIC IMAGES! | LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH!

Hussein Obama’s acts of jihad against America – WARNING! GRAPHIC IMAGES!Posted on July 30, 2014 by LadyRavenSDCI have suggested in previous writings that Hussein Obama is a closet… 151 more words

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Above & Beyond: Happy Birthday President Barack Obama

Let’s give a happy birthday shoutout to our commander in chief, the president of the United States; Barack Obama. Many wishes and happiness to you and yours Mr. President.