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Is it just Me?

Is it just me who finds this video a little sinister. Yes I know it is supposed to be funny and it is humorous. I can’t help however feeling a slight sense of unease when I listen to the clip, … 7 more words

Student Hit by Car While Reading A Fortune Cookie

Earlier this morning after having breakfast at Allston’s Super88 market, local Boston student Susan Young was rushed to the Emergency Room after being hit by a Taxi while crossing Commonwealth Avenue. 157 more words


Soul Eater Not!

the first episode should come out today in japanese (raw) the English version may come out tomorrow or Wednesday. It was first a manga I read some but i got confused w/ that and just plain “soul eater” but it looks interesting.

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I'm Bach to basics.

Here’s a fun little thing. It’s a video of me playing some Bach on guitar, or at least of me trying to play some Bach on guitar, anyway. 178 more words


Nayan koi

Nayan koi is a fantasy/romance/supernatural/comedy anime it’s really funny i like it but it’s confusing in the beginning. the reason he can hear cats is he accidentally knocked off the head of this accent cat statue and then the statue cursed him. 30 more words

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Hataraku Maou sama (overlord at work) or (The Devil Is a Part-Timer!)

I really like this anime it is really funny. I wish it had more episodes though. The first two were about meeting the characters then the story gets really sped up and more dramatic. 41 more words

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