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Word Duel: Frying Warrior

Hiro pressed the flat of his spatula into his omelet making it sizzle. Then he flipped the omelet into the air above his head. Fast as a lighting flash he unsheathed the short blade at his hip, slicing the omelet twice before it fell perfectly into the plate that seemed to appear in the his outstretched hand. 627 more words


Get Smart

When I was a child, in the late 60′s, I was delighted with this funny series. Starred by Don Adams -Maxwell Smart, Agent 86- and his colleague Barbara Feldon, -Agent 99- and produced by Mel Brooks. 178 more words

Film And TV

Akpors fell in love with the lady next door to
his home; He wanted to have time with his
lover so he told his wife he was going for a… 166 more words


Peter : “I want my money now!” Tom : “I will
kill myself so that I won’t pay you” *he pulled
a gun n shot himself dead* Peter : 81 more words


AKPORS and a white guy
were sitting in the park,
white man had a pet
monkey and AKPORS is selling
bananas, AKPORS said
‘Mr. Can u look after my… 98 more words


My School, My Unibuja.
- Daniel Iduh

If you didnt attend the prestigious university of Abuja at one point in your life then you probably wont understand why i term it the best place to get an education…..theoretically speaking. 806 more words

Daniel Iduh

Gakuen Alice

This is the most adorable anime ever. I’m love bad-boy romance anime (the girl doesn’t have to be good though). This anime is about a girl named Mikan Sakura, she grew up with her grandfather on the countryside of Japan. 308 more words