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Comment Spam - June 2014

It’s the final Tuesday of the month, which can only mean two things, 1) Poverty-stricken people are about to get paid, and 2) It’s time for another installment of… 774 more words


Spam III: The WTF Issue

As usual, attempts to spam the blog comments are a problem. Most of it gets deleted automatically, but I do still have the privilege of reviewing a few that the spam-catcher can’t make a decision on. 798 more words

Comment Spam - May 2014

Spam bots must have been on holiday, as we received a surprisingly low eighty-two spam messages for the month of May. ONLY EIGHTY-TWO.

Because I’m glutton for punishment, each month I grab that scraper tool they use in supermarkets to remove stuck-on shit from the linoleum, enter the spam filter and proceed to scrape-out delicious morsels of petrified comment gum. 493 more words