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There is nothing in my head to put down here, and I know I have to after missing yesterday. I have no excuse or reason, I just forgot. 82 more words


Notification Darling ?

The other evening, here in Spain, I was in a catatonic state relaxed in my round chair with one cat on my lap and the other draped alongside me. 341 more words


John Barleycorn Must Die

The Dying and Resurrected God is a well-known motif in the Western Mystery Tradition. It is associated with Tiphereth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, to wit: Christ; Osiris; Dionysus; Krishna; Attis; etc etc etc. 480 more words


Has social media affected our child-raising village?

Aging myself here, but I was in the first generation to grow up with social media being a “thing”. I first made an email penpal (off Teletext – now I’m really dating myself), I had and was an avid user of… 480 more words

M Is For Mama

All but useless model systems yield another meaningless result

Ibuprofen boosts some organisms’ life spans


Mitch Leslie

18 December 2014 2:00 pm

Ibuprofen can banish headaches and soothe throbbing joints, but the drug may have another benefit. 702 more words


Gotta love the prophet

Because Mohammed was incredibly arrogant, he did something no biblical author did. While Christians and Jews claimed their bibles were inspired by god, Mohammed claimed that every word of his book, the koran, is the word of god, and is therefore infallibly true. 102 more words


Man's incompetence

I have a low opinion of man, but I am not an misanthrope. I do have hope that someday we may act sanely, become competent at basic tasks, and even learn to spread happiness. 510 more words