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This Is One Way of Seeing the World

I saw this on the wall of a building in Istanbul and found it beautiful: 


Easter Greetings

Catching up with the online gossip on Facebook and twitter this week has been a bit of a mixed bag. With Holy Week reaching it’s crescendo on Easter Sunday the comments are either ones of elation at how good it has been to reflect and celebrate the Good News of God’s grace or satisfaction and exhaustion after the long weekend of holiday activity and Easter egg indulgence… 327 more words


Bayou Corne sinkhole

I have been following the Bayou Corne, Louisiana sinkhole story since it began in 2012. Here is a link to a story on it from earlier this month from a local source: … 238 more words


Why Collectors Collect: R.T Gwynn.

To start my blog I would like to talk about my inspiration and career role model, R.T Gwynn, he was my great grandfather and a passionate collector of Early Renaissance and Gothic arms and armour, mid-17th Century clocks and early English oak furniture. 279 more words

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My niece Meredith is just about to graduate from Central St Martin's after three intense years studying Art Criticism, Communication and Curation. As you can see she is following in family footsteps. And as I look back into the last 100 years of the Women's Institute for my latest project, the family links keep appearing. My grandfather, about whom Meredith writes in her blog, started on the shop floor at Woolworth's Princes Street store in Edinburgh in the 1920's, and went on to be Managing Director. He pursued his interest in arms, armour, clocks and furniture at the same time. I am now sitting at my desk finishing my manuscript for the WI in my 17th Century cottage, furnished with pieces from his collection of English early oak furniture. And reading Merry's blog.... I love the serendipity of it all.

Time x

Time is the universal equaliser the world over and remains the one thing that money can’t buy.  It’s an arbitrary beast – running slow at Doctor’s appointments, running away on holidays and moments of wonder.   567 more words


Higher housing density - not high rise or low quality

The population of London is set to grow by well over 1 million in the next ten years, equivalent to the population of Birmingham.  That is a reflection on London’s continued attractiveness as a place to come to live and work as well as increased birth rates and longer life expectancy.   212 more words


Real men don't hit

There’s an ardent feminist in my twitter feed. That’s not why I follow her. She’s interesting and opinionated and we share some common views, but there is a heavy feminism perspective. 1,516 more words