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My summer love.

“We are not done,are we?” he whispered into my ears.Squeezing my freezing hands as hard as he could. He kept staring into my eyes ,waiting for an answer. 217 more words

Motivation ~

I have a lot of ambitions, just like everyone else. I want to be some one. I want to accomplish all the things I said I would. 107 more words


Love For Livi

On my last blogsite I blogged many times about a little girl named Olivia. Olivia was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) about a week ago. Olivia is four years old and is like any other little girl. 152 more words


It's today! Fun, fun! Leave a comment!

You know, working a real job kinda gets in the way of d-blogging (and d-commenting). But – the real job is the health insurance and so… 299 more words



Welcome back! Today I am going to talk about Optimism. Optimism is something that is said to be the key to a long and happy life. 362 more words

There's Compartmentalisation And There's China's Version Of Compartmentalisation ...

As you get older … meet more people, have more experiences … you find yourself ‘grouping’ your life into bite-sized chunks.

School Friends.

Family Friends. 219 more words