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Christopher McQuarrie on filmmaking

Christopher McQuarrie along with his composer Joe Kraemer sit down to discuss some of their thoughts on filmmaking and motivations on certain scenes. Stick through until the end to find out the lessons… 20 more words


Mark (NIGTC) in Logos's Biblia.com

For an exegesis course in seminary, I was assigned R.T. France’s Mark in the New International Greek Testament Commentary (NIGTC) series. The assignment was to read the entire commentary that semester, and I read every one of its 700+ pages. 449 more words


What are the Best New Testament Commentaries?

D.A. Carson’s 2013 update to his New Testament Commentary Survey puts the book into its seventh edition. Having come six years since the last edition, the new edition is substantially revised and updated to include just about every significant commentary on every book of the New Testament. 608 more words


English Major? Impractical? NEVER!

Being an English Single-Subject Teaching major has its ups and down. I got to read, write, explore works from different time periods and parts of the world, and discuss it with people who were just as interested in books as I was all while being rewarded for it, which was amazing. 350 more words


Talk Literature to Me

Is it possible to enjoy a good book without actually reading it? Apparently John Schwartz of The New York Times thinks so. In his article “Serious Listening,” Schwartz argues that listening to a long book with a complex plot is not as hard as everyone thinks, well, that is as long as you have a good narrator. 366 more words


Scot McKnight's Sermon on the Mount Commentary

Scot McKnight just released a commentary on the Sermon on the Mount. I’ll post a review in due time, but as I prepare my sermon for our church’s last Sunday in the Sermon on the Mount, I wanted to give props here to what is a really good commentary! 28 more words