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Technology Workforce – What it takes to get in?

There was an article on the front page of USA Today of July 24, 2014, titled “White, Asian Men rule the roost at Twitter,” with a subtitle of “Very few women part of its technology staff.” It showed statistics at the largest, most well-known technology companies that I summarized in this chart: 530 more words


Xenophobia signals crisis


Editorial for Penang Monthly, July 2014.

A CLEAR CONNECTION seems to exist between an economy’s health, on the one hand, and that society’s handling of religious and ethnic minorities, on the other. 547 more words


29 Lessons Learnt, Single in VanCity

Today I celebrate one year living in downtown Vancouver, Canada after I have moved from Cairo, Egypt right from my parents’ house. I moved here with huge dreams, so many expectations and very few fears. 708 more words


The Nuisance of Eavesdroppers

A bit of eavesdropping never did anybody any harm, did it? We’ve all done it. A chance conversation that next door have a bit too loudly in their back garden; an argument between two lovers at the next table in the pub. 244 more words

18th Century

Gospel 17th Sunday in OT, Year A

St Matthew 13:44-52

St Hilary of Poitiers tells us that the treasure hidden in the field points towards the Incarnate Lord, who is found as a free gift; there are no strings attached. 407 more words


A Struggling Heart - Why Do I Keep On Sinning?

When we received Jesus Christ as our Savior, we already considered ourselves as a new creation, leaving our old, sinful life in the trash bin. However unlike fairy tales, having Jesus in our lives does not mean a sleeping in a bed of roses. 332 more words


The Public Library: My Saviour From Potential Poverty

When I was younger (childhood to teenage years), I would always drop by the bookstore whenever I’m at a mall.  A mall is not a mall without a bookstore.   279 more words