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Who Will be the 3C Patrol for the Children?

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Recently, the legislators passed a law, that might turn half the children in the nation against their parents. 872 more words


Putting the Best Foot Forward and Being Politically Incorrect

The Philippine government, from time to time is confronted with an issue of whether it wanted to put its best foot forward or to be politically incorrect. 595 more words

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Book of Nehemiah Chapter 7:1-8 Antique Commentary Quotes

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The porters and the singers and the Levites. The porters and the singers were themselves Levites, but are often distinguished from their brethren, who had no such special office (see Ezr_2:40-42, Ezr_2:70; Ezr_7:24; Ezr_10:23, Ezr_10:24; Neh_7:43-45, Neh_7:73; Neh_10:28, etc.). 2,048 more words

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Thought for the Day - Criticism

Recently, an associate of mine shared some negative perceptions that they’d heard others express about me in the workplace.  And while it’s never pleasant to hear that bad things are being said about you, I believe that my co-worker’s intent was to genuinely help me.  267 more words

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10 Habits That Lead to Misery

  1. Worrying about things you cannot change: Truth be told, there is very little in this life that we have direct control over, and worrying about things we cannot change is like trying to push over trees in a petrified forest.
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it is all in a name

Names are so important that they quickly become usable for propaganda purposes. And these are names of let’s say government institutions or of military and spy operations, or evil-doers. 309 more words