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Why Bible lovers reject Jesus


Religious people love the Bible because they think that salvation, eternal life, is in the Bible, in doing what is written in the Bible BUT doing so according to their own interpretation. 299 more words

The Wiser Farmer

A wise farmer harvests in summer.

A wiser farmer though, plants first good seeds so he will have a bountiful crop when the summer season arrives. 95 more words



A new PRAISING HIM commentary has been posted.  The title is:  INTELLECTUAL CONSENT VERSUS HEARTFELT BELIEF.  Please click the following web address for a pdf copy:  http://1drv.ms/1lGydhh


Stolen Elections (Part 2)

The electoral system is rigged in other ways. A common device is redistricting, changing the boundaries of a single-member district ostensibly to comply with population shifts but really to effect a preferred political outcome. 671 more words


Karmic Lenses

I want now to speak on something which is incredibly difficult to put into words, so please bear with me. From time to time certain beings incarnate who act as “Karmic Lenses”. 185 more words


Better The Devil You Know...

This expression, often used metaphorically for resisting change, shows how reason can be used to justify just about anything. People invoke their knowledge of the Devil as a reason for not changing. 173 more words


The "You Go First" Mentality

In our times of bravery, individualism and human courage it is funny that one can still find remnants of the “You Go First” mentality. Bizarre is it not? 303 more words