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Sick to the Core

In the UK college is simple.  You decide your major and for the next four years you work hard, party hard and turn up to your scheduled classes (hungover or not).   434 more words

Mature Student

Sustainability--Here and Hereafter

Phyllis Nissila


“Sustainability,” as in environmental management, is The Cause of the day. We have mucked things up pretty good on our planetary home and it’s time to correct, if we can. 1,121 more words


First ever commentary done

Hi all, its update time since I haven’t been here in a while.  I’ve been having a few ideas knocking about for a film I wanna write recently but then last week I was cruising around YouTube and found these guys who do commentaries on comic book movies as well as review comic book story lines and such the like: … 426 more words

Dr. X’s Virginity Auction Sale

Dr. X’s Virginity Auction Sale

As I was reading her interview, I could just sense the undaunted decision of a very fine, beautiful young woman, doctor at the age of 27, who decided to auction her virginity online. 525 more words

Mixed Prose And Poetry

The Mystery of Being

Do you know how your life is going to unfold?

Were you once in contact with the Mystery of Being?

Did you somehow lose your way? 372 more words


Confirmation Bias

This is when people only accept ideas or concepts which fit with what they already believe and think they know. For example, if you were to meet me suited and booted in my business attire with my entrepreneur head on, you would be unlikely to accept that I do deep voice chanting and can meditate my mind into stillness. 392 more words


The Future of Windows, Windows Phone and Truly Live Tiles

Love it or hate it, live tiles are here to stay. Yes, Microsoft’s bringing back the Start menu, but the fact is, for a unified system interface, live tiles are still going to be very much present. 532 more words