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America: Down the Path of Destruction

Author: Lori Carter

Everyone wants to know what has happened to our country! Why are there so many violent episodes, so much crime, and so much poverty? 1,493 more words


Hitler - Advertising Pro

Mr. Hitler (alias Mr. Schicklgruber of Braunau am Inn), is apparently not dead. Every morning when trying to listen to my news stations, or for that matter also TV entertainment and news, here he is again “Advertising some sort of product”. 59 more words


How to Respond to North Korea

After headlines about the Sony hack and the threat of violence to people seeing the movie The Interview, Sony has canceled the release of the movie on December 25. 337 more words


Cuba Government Longevity

I find it ironic that we put the embargo on Cuba in 1961 in order to force the government out. Instead, Castro, who took power in 1959, with his brother following, has outlasted 25% of all our Administrations, or 11 out of 44 presidents: 42 more words


Free Bible Study Resources

I saw this was posted on Monergism and I felt it was worthy of sharing with my readers. We live on the shoulders of giants and we benefit from the studies of great men of God who pondered God’s word. 82 more words



For many people living in this great country of ours, a certain Christmas time; a time when their spirits soared, there has been a very special Christmas.   1,232 more words


Meet Me In St. Louis Commentary

My special Christmas commentary for the 1944 Vincente Minnelli musical starring Judy Garland. Durring this commentary, I talk about the recent production I did on the Curtain Call stage when I played Warren Sheffield. 6 more words