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The Nuisance of Eavesdroppers

A bit of eavesdropping never did anybody any harm, did it? We’ve all done it. A chance conversation that next door have a bit too loudly in their back garden; an argument between two lovers at the next table in the pub. 244 more words

18th Century

Gospel 17th Sunday in OT, Year A

St Matthew 13:44-52

St Hilary of Poitiers tells us that the treasure hidden in the field points towards the Incarnate Lord, who is found as a free gift; there are no strings attached. 407 more words


A Struggling Heart - Why Do I Keep On Sinning?

When we received Jesus Christ as our Savior, we already considered ourselves as a new creation, leaving our old, sinful life in the trash bin. However unlike fairy tales, having Jesus in our lives does not mean a sleeping in a bed of roses. 332 more words


The Public Library: My Saviour From Potential Poverty

When I was younger (childhood to teenage years), I would always drop by the bookstore whenever I’m at a mall.  A mall is not a mall without a bookstore.   279 more words


Google, Word Press, Apache, and others

Thank you Google for letting us have and use so many applications, all of them useful and free. I take back all the complaints about “Google is spying on us” because it probably has a purpose in the overall smooth functioning of the Internet, making everybody who uses the NET more or less comply with a certain standard of ethical behaviour. 83 more words


Invasive Adware: The Digital Hijacker

I was infected today by the most insidiously horrific adware I’ve ever experienced. I thought Jolly Wallet was bad, but this one was a doozy. 159 more words


Archivist's View on Baby Milestone Photos

I’ve been seeing more and more of those “baby milestone” (or “baby month-by-month” or “baby growth-progress” or “hey look how much bigger I am!” or whatever you want to call them) photos, especially on Facebook, lately. 910 more words