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Happy Easter and Passover, Everyone!

I realize afresh how much I have to be thankful for. Friends from out of town are coming in today. I’ve known this particular friend, Nori, from the time we were 16 and met at… 365 more words

Commentary - Modern Times

Elby, That Cat! Meets Himself Coming and Going

Picture a modern apartment bathroom. The wall above the sink and toilet has a very large vanity mirror that goes the length of the wall and about 2/3s the width with overhead vanity lights, six of ‘em, to be precise. 866 more words

Commentary - Modern Times

Get off the bed! Right Now!

This is not Ella, but it could be…

Credit: courtesy of TheLovedDogSite.com

Commentary - Modern Times

Windows XP Bites the Dust and Sundry Things

This has been a nerve wracking day, I’ll tell ya. I woke up with something to celebrate, my brain whirling with ideas, thoughts bouncing off the walls and corridors of my mind and landing smack in the middle of some family dilemmas. 1,369 more words

Commentary - Modern Times

Terms of Endearment - do you or don't you?

I was speaking with my friend, Maggie, the other day and somehow we segued to family customs when it comes to giving hugs or using terms of endearment, such as “hon,” “dear,” “love bug,” “honey bunny,” soft, squishy words that can sound sweet to ears or cheaply said, sarcastic and patronizing to others. 563 more words

Commentary - Modern Times

Kindness ~ Part 2 - my take

I was taken by the thoughts on kindness by my friend, Jayce, so much so I reblogged her post. That would be Kindness, Part 1. One of her commenters, … 703 more words

Commentary - Modern Times