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Six Years Ago Today - Return from hiatus, Cancer, and other such things

With apologies to my friend Bill Hamilton: I don’t like Florida. Good people there but it is just too darn hot and steamy – and the mosquitos…..like a biblical plague. 1,214 more words


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Kanzen reports in from the field. God has blessed Kanzen and her Mama. As she affirms and asserts, "God Is NOT Dead." Ooorraaah!

What's in a Song?

Maybe it’s the S’ again, serendipity or synthesis, but after watching “God is (Not) Dead” for the second time, I came back to cable TV and “Cold Case.” About as different as night and day, wouldn’t you say? 60 more words

Commentary - Modern Times

God Is (Not) Dead

I enjoyed this film, God is (NOT) Dead. Awhile back I wrote a post mentioning this film and two others dealing with God in one way or another. 113 more words

Commentary - Modern Times

Best damn dinner, evah!

I’ve been wanting this for five days, but every night, I waited too long and my stomach growled – “No! Can’t wait that long!” Tonight, I perservered. 103 more words

Commentary - Modern Times

I Need Somebody Really Good at Math ~ is it you?

I’m serious. I need somebody good at math for the following problem, which I started to discuss here:

10,000 people reaching age 65 are retiring every day. 166 more words

Commentary - Modern Times

From the Macro to the Micro ~ Time to Open Up and Let These Thoughts Out

This one is all about the S’s. Serendipity, Success, Succor, Synthesis, Senior Affairs, Seniority, Surrender, Special, all of these are teaming and crashing and banging around in my head and I’ve just got to get these thoughts out and about to make room for more. 1,848 more words

Commentary - Modern Times