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Do you know what Cavaletti means?

Thanks to Denny Emerson’s Facebook feed, I do! And you should, too. He posts a wealth of information.

The word “cavaletti” has the same roots as the word “cavalry” and “cavallo”, Italian for “horse”.

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Free EBooks from Syncfusion

I came across this the other day and I thought it was really good. Syncfusion, a company that makes UI controls for Winforms, WPF, JavaScript, MVC etc, have released a whole bunch of… 130 more words


Our Desire to Watch the Sun Disappear

I like the sun because it keeps me alive.

But I love watching it disappear.

I have a whole subfolder in My Pictures just for “sunsets.” And that doesn’t count the times like when I watched that romantic orb sink over a Great Lake while holding a certain handsome man’s hand and occasionally ignoring that spectacle we came for to look into the deep oceans or planetary stardust or whatever of his eyes. 392 more words



I was fact-checked by a child today. He waits with my son for the bus and overheard some of the trivia questions that we discuss each morning as part of our father-son routine.  292 more words


August 20, 2014 – Obama Curses God Today…

He said it today.  He said it in an emotionless, detached routine speech about the brutal beheading of journalist James Foley.   You can see it for yourself in the news video linked at the bottom of this post. 331 more words


Rogers, Bell, Telus Offer BlackBerry Z30 For $0 On A 2 Year Contract

Having just come off winning an award, BlackBerry has announced that they via Rogers, Telus and Bell will be offering up the Z30 for $0 with a 2 year contract for a limited time. 94 more words


Race, the h word and the mantra

There is so much to talk about in regards to the H word. All throughout my life, I was taught to not use the term HATE. 814 more words