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House News Suddenly Closed, Rendered All Links Invalid

Today, House News, a Hong Kong online news (more on wiki), is closed after running for two years. The founder explains that this is because of white terror, unprofitable business, and abnormal society and twisted market. 27 more words

Hong Kong

The Ancient Mariner

Here is the fourth poem in my social commentary series. Hope you like it. :)

The Ancient Mariner

She swims the oceans tirelessly
By instinct, she navigates the waters… 807 more words



I am normally not a fear-monger. I like to believe that using common sense and taking things with a grain-of-salt can, for the most part, keep trouble at arms length.   782 more words


Israel is not Simply 'Defending Itself'

The little girl in the above photo is two and a half years old. Her name is Nema Abu al-Foul. She and others were playing in front of her family home when a missile from an Israeli F-16 struck. 690 more words


Dating Naked Episode 2

I reviewed the first episode of the show and thought what the hell I’ll watch another episode. It can’t get any worse right? Wrong! This episode focuses around Steven and Taryn. 388 more words


No Real Best Friends

As a society we tend to use friends like dinnerware. Some are good for parties, while others fit at sit-down dinners. Some are fancy for holidays while others are paper and plastic. 421 more words


On Blackness

There is nothing more beautiful than black flesh–save black minds–browned in the suns of resistance, freedom and radical loves. Our essence is deeper than rivers, wider than oceans and harder to scale than the most imposing of moutains peaks. 86 more words