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"End Of The Last Day"

In recent times we’ve seen a lot of catastrophes…tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons, melting polar caps, burning forest fires, etc…

A lot of people have speculated that these are signs of the end of the world. 51 more words

The Secret Pot-Growing Operations in America's Cornfields

On any given weekday in the summer, you will find me walking through fields counting bugs. In fact, it’s my job: I’m an ecologist studying the communities of insects that live in agricultural landscapes. 1,887 more words


Society Can't Have It Both Ways

I feel the need to address something that is really riling up my emotions. It’s not necessarily the topic itself, but how people are reacting to it. 945 more words


Password-based authentication doomed by inherent flaws

The password-based authentication model is plagued by weaknesses in theory and, as demonstrated by countless hacked accounts, in practice as well. The time for ubiquitous two-factor authentication and… 3,683 more words


All That Matters ...

I was helping my son with his math homework and I got a little frustrated. My son is autistic and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get him to explain some of his work, and I could tell he was frustrated too. 121 more words

Positive Inspirations

Yuganta – the end of an epoch

© Sanchayan Nath 2014

I do not remember if any of four grand-parents ever told me stories from the Mahabharata.

Source – 1

However, what I do remember from my early childhood is that my Sundays were special – I used to excitedly wait for Sunday mornings to appear – because it was on Sunday mornings that the Mahabharata used to be aired on Doordarshan – I used to especially love those arrows that used to be shot by the Kauravas and the Pandavas at each other – suddenly a Cobra would crawl out of an arrow or an arrow would suddenly get transformed into 32 arrows. 778 more words


#280: News From Home/Separate Lives

Well, I am right back where I started from. A title that is as meaningless as can be, but it grabs your attention. I was going to write a few lines dedicated to some of my friends here in the “Rodeo Capital” of Iowa, but, most of my friends live either out of town or out of state..so that wouldn’t do. 677 more words

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