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We kill our creativity, just by living the same day over and over again


I’m tried for going to the same places

doing the same things

as tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands

have done or gone before…

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MapBlowing: If All 6.9 People Lived in One City

Awesome infographic from http://luufy.com/site/post/1015?utm_source=a#.U9Jln4BdVBM

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100 to 1: Can We Think About This for a Moment?

Big Oil has outspent the supporters of Proposition #1 by a ratio of 100 to 1.  Can we think about this for a moment?

Big Oil is driven by just one thing: return to shareholders. 812 more words


Yes, We ARE #Rationing #Healthcare & NO #Obama Didn't Do It!

Check out the linked WashPo article “The Wonder Drug That Could Cure Millions.”


With a title like that you would be forgiven for thinking something amazing would be happening to millions of folks struggling with one illness or another. 357 more words


"Ghost Money": Thinking About State Bribery in the National Interest

“It is difficult to overstate the profoundly negative impact that corruption has on society.  The abuse of entrusted power for private gain does violence to our values, our prosperity, and even our security.” — … 815 more words


What digital photography taught me about product development and running a business

The confluence of inexpensive, professional-grade equipment and high capacity storage has radically changed the way I take pictures. Although I have a lot more failures, the likelihood of a “money” shot is far greater than before. 1,103 more words


America's Duty to Iraq's Christians

At The Week, columnist Michael Brandon Dougherty has a hard-hitting piece on America’s responsibility to Iraq’s Christians. In light of the fact that America’s invasion, occupation, and withdrawal created a situation of great and continuing peril for Christians, America should be doing much more to help them.  158 more words