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Why is bilingual education ‘good’ for rich kids but ‘bad’ for poor, immigrant students? - The Washington Post

To put it bluntly, bilingualism is often seen as “good” when it’s rich English speakers adding a language as a hobby or another international language, but “bad when it involves poor, minority, or indigenous groups adding English to their first language, even when the same two languages are involved.Here is a piece about the value of bilingualism for all students. 36 more words


No Chapters For Tonight...

I will be unable to add chapters tonight. I spent what time I had tonight arranging my first NaNoWriMo project. Believe it or not, I am writing a full length… 175 more words

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The Concept of Jury Nullification

Hey all,

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend.  I just found something that I wanted to share with the class as I felt it was relevant to a lot of things that we have discussed so far concerning distribution of power in society and legal rights.  508 more words


On Hazards

There is a death in the future. A family death, an unexpected death, a scheduled death, a sudden death. A needless death.

A preventable death. 219 more words


Do Your Eyes Need a Workout This Saturday Night? Well, Here You Go!

(Thanks, GoodOldDaysReturns!)

As for me? Well, I’ll have to pass on these sassy eyeball exercises, as Dungeon of the Endless and TRI: Friendship and Madness… 72 more words



There should be no doubt, with the advent of the Internet our daily lives have changed in a remarkable fashion.  From the Office for National Statistics (ONS), figures show that 36 million adults – or seventy-three percent (73%) – were daily internet users in 2013, up from the thirty-five percent (35 %) recorded in 2006, when comparable records began.    1,018 more words


Candidate Guest Commentary

Editors note: All seven candidates for the Vero Beach City Council were invited to submit guest columns to InsideVero.  Candidates Brian Heady, Jay Kramer, Randy Old and Jack Shupe accepted our invitation.   2,531 more words

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