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Sea Plankton Found On ISS Space Station Exterior, 8/21/2104

Normally, I don’t subscribe to channels that promote aliens or UFO sightings, because they tend to sensationalize or even fabricate events to tantalize the public and gain subscribers. 160 more words


“DIS TIME NAH LANG TIME!” - By Lear Matthews


By Lear Matthews

Dis time nah lang time! Remember Bertie Vann, Fogarty Bun Down, Kayto, Cow Manure, Tuts and Marjorie Monkey (from New Amsterdam), Peas Head, Law an’ Order, Mary bruk iron, Memory man Gonzalves and Side-Ways? 675 more words


Seabiscuit's saddle sells for $104,000

One of Red Pollard’s saddles, used on the great Seabiscuit, sold at Lelands auction house in December for a stunning $104,000! Some reports say it was the saddle used by Red Pollard in the Biscuit’s last race — the 1940 Santa Anita Handicap. 127 more words


Parahat B'Shalach Commentary

I’m experimenting with podcasting, and this is my first podcast. I have to admit, learning the technical aspects has been an adventure. I’m still in the learning-a-new-thing fog. 36 more words


deflate-gate: it's all about gamesmanship

photo credit: cmgdigital.com

it’s an issue that just won’t go away. i’m referring to what is now known as deflate-gate. a day before super bowl, it hasn’t lost its appeal. 454 more words