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One Chance, Just One Chance

By Jonathan Rowson

We have a few hours to persuade no-leaning voters who might be swayed by a pernicious promise that they can keep the apparent safety and comfort of the UK, while also getting ‘further powers’ for Scotland. 758 more words


Beheading - A Symbol for the pan-Islamic Plan

A metaphor is “representative or symbolic of something else, especially something abstract.” Life illustrates theology.

To the luckless journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff, it can hardly be called abstract – it is the reality of a lost head, but symbolically it tells the tale of a dangerous, demonically inspired political system that plans to behead all those nations which disagree with its evil theology. 507 more words

Bible Lessons - Mini

Warning: Contains Comments About Warnings

I think warning labels on most products are ridiculous at best and are at worst simply rewarding people for stupidity. I understand that they’re on products so the manufacturers can limit their liability when ignorant people misuse their products.  836 more words


You look like a...

I personally hate it when people say things like that. When they say, ‘oh you look like a ballerina, you’re so petite’… I guess the reason why I find it so annoying is that it’s all based on assumptions. 145 more words


Carpetbagger Dan and the Pisa Effect

WC called it.

Back in early July, WC proposed a new metaphor for his Republican friends, to be known as the Pisa Effect. A candidate leans far, far to the right to attract the tin foil hat, gun nut, conspiracy theorists and other right wing nuts in the primary. 265 more words


Folly of South Sudan Leadership All but Guarantees Total State Failure

By Mwangi S. Kimenyi,

Sept 17, 2014(Brookings) — Notwithstanding the grave human capacity conditions in South Sudan and the serious humanitarian crisis facing the country, the government of South Sudan has banned all foreign workers in the country and ordered that their jobs be filled by South Sudanese nationals.  202 more words

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