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The Coffee Break. 22 December 2014.

Hello folks,

Slow day with regards to news – apart from the usual: “Sony vs North Korea hackers” scenario. Frankly this fight between freedom and censorship is oddly amusing – the freedom for artists to express, against this monster that is the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea). 349 more words


Catching You All Up!

Good Morning All! Hope your holidays are wonderful. Just want to get you up to speed. I have written and posted quite a few articles to HubPages lately and am posting those here as well. 108 more words


Don't Read the Comments

You know what? To put it very frankly, a lot of the human race is a bit idiosyncratic and narcissistic these days. They feel like their way of doing things is literally the only way of doing anything, and will waste no time to attack someone for believing otherwise. 522 more words


A film by Paco Cabezas

In which he struggles to deny the presence of Nicolas Cage and to accumulate the most equivocal aspects of the contemporary action film.

“Things don’t look so good from where I am.” 439 more words


Someone who is a follower of our blog recently told me that sometimes she’s afraid to make a comment,
in case she says something to upset us, 148 more words