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Citizen Preparedness Corps Training Online

Online training gives New Yorkers basic knowledge of how to prepare themselves for disasters and emergencies

NEW YORK STATE (August 20, 2014) – Governor Andrew M. 371 more words


No-Bill on rape charges - Michael Smith News

No-Bill on rape charges – Michael Smith News.

Melanie S said…

Because the DPP says a conviction is unlikely does not mean innocence. Just an opinion of not enough evidence to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Liking Comments on WordPress, Reevaluated

After much thought and many comments, I’ve decided to try out the “like” button in my comment section. As Jason of HarsH ReaLiTy pointed out, it’s another way of making connections and interacting and I know this to be true by experience. 135 more words


One Final Word, Now That I Realize How Tired I Really Am Tonight....

The editing on that last story wore me out. Had to unindent, correct some spelling errors that I did not initially catch, and re-italicize the thoughts of a character. 114 more words

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Liking Comments on WordPress

I’m having a bit of a love/hate relationship with the addition of the new “like” button in the comment window. My first reaction when people started putting the button on their own blogs in the comment section was that it was a lazy way of saying to someone that you either agree with them or that you enjoyed their comment. 137 more words


Search Gear #10 - I need your critical comments!

Go, I need your constructive critical comments.

For me constructive criticism is the fast way to learn. So here is my first simple bit of code (which I’m prepared to share). 535 more words

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