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Eleanor Vonne Brown

“Galleries are not for artists”

Eleanor Vonne Brown, founder of X Marks the Bokship, delivered a practical yet inspiring lecture. As the owner of a bookshop located in Bethnal Green, a Publishing MA graduate, a curator, an artist and an experienced artist assistant, Brown was bursting with valuable tricks of the trade. 174 more words

Mark Newman

Today I bring you a world famous sculptor from the US. Clay manipulation is his super power. He works mainly in commercial art by creating one of a kind figurines but he also creates in bronze and has time for commission work. 26 more words


Learning An Art

An art can only be learned in the workshop of those who are winning their bread by it. -Samuel Butler

This blog strictly with the home team of F,S&HG! 35 more words

Commercial Art

John McLaughlin: State of the Musical Arts




I’m not at all so sure, with all due respect, being undisputed as a world class musician doesn’t necessarily substantiate a sound (pun intended) philosophical or accurate, articulate perspective… or does It?… 382 more words


Marshall McLuhan Quote

Ads are the cave art of the twentieth century. -Marshall McLuthan

This blog strictly with the home team of F,S&HG!
Honing Discernment & Informing Choice. 30 more words

Commercial Art