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Helideck Happiness in the Irish Sea

Until this time, I hadn’t been brave enough to head up to the helideck to enjoy this beautiful view and with good reason. The bridge use a radar system which emits radiation to the surrounding upper deck area, particularly the helideck, and the last thing I fancied was frazzling my body under that! 504 more words


White Horses & Strawberry Eclairs

Whilst the white horses rolled the sun continued to shine, the tides were in good order for us to dive but diving wasn’t an option right now. 124 more words


Whipping techniques

A technique used to prevent a rope on, say, a dive boat from fraying and unraveling (and one that – especially in an age when ropes are increasingly constructed from man-made fibres – is sometimes superseded by simply melting and welding the loose ends together over an open-flame) whipping gives a neat and tidy appearance to a rope’s end and helps prolong its useful life. 588 more words

Dive Plan

Send down a diver - Part One

The days of wooden ships and iron men may have faded from memory but the legacy of early attempts to rescue precious cargoes from sunken wrecks and to free the crews of sunken submarines lives on. 881 more words

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