Always carry a camera

We went into Leicester to the Cinema in the Highcross centre recently. Leaving the John Lewis car park via the glass walkway into the Highcross centre I was struck by the dramatic lighting, fortunately I had a compact camera in my pocket. 55 more words

Photography Tips

Hi guys… Blu of Blu Tint Photography here from Chicago… Jackie Robinson West is America’s 2014 Team If you want please share these images of the Parade if not then just enjoy them.


Corporate Photography Vancouver

Large, publicly held firms and many other corporate companies produce annual report to the shareholders that describes their business efforts and dealings. To make these reports more effective and attractive high-quality color portraiture of major members of the company, or shots of a department or business team in action are used. 144 more words


Miner portraits at Fosterville Gold Mine...

This day was a lot of fun! Unfortunately as is often the reality in my line of work, I found myself again working in the pouring rain; however that never dampens my enthusiasm for the task at hand, although it does mean that you have to stretch your creative cells that little bit further! 362 more words


Interview #1- Kelly Pon, CD of BBH Shanghai

Last year I interviewed a series of creative directors and art buyers based at top ad agencies in Asia. I wanted to understand from their perspective how they chose photographers for jobs, how much influence their clients and teams had, and what kind of photography was inspiring them. 1,788 more words

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