Industrial Table Top Photography

We have been forging metal for thousands of years.  Modern industrial processes are used to forge a wide array of automotive parts. As it involves shiny metal, I enjoy photographing it. 46 more words


Commercial Photography: Menu Items at Marché Kitchen & Wine Bar

I was hired by the owner of Lisbon Street’s newest (fabulous, succulent) restaurant, Marché Kitchen and Wine Bar, to shoot their restaurant and some prepared food. 201 more words

Smart Phone Photography

This is a great article on photography with a smart phone, but not just any photography. This is high quality product photography, proving that its all about the light not the camera. 26 more words


Commercial Photography

Selling a product: Product commercial photography gives the buyer a feel or preview of what the item looks like.

Promoting a business: Businesses want and need to advertise themselves so they have pictures taken and put as advertisements in hopes of getting customers and publicity. 141 more words

Flashes of Hope - photo shoot

I am very proud to be the New York Chapter Director for Flashes of Hope, a national organization that brings commercial photographers into treatment centers for juvenile cancer to photograph the patients and their families. 189 more words

Commercial Photography