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Looking For Roof Leak Repair? It’s Best To Beware

Our body is greatly affected by the changing weather outside and it reacts to such changes in its own way. At times when we experience too hot or too cold weather, we becomeill. 393 more words

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Commercial Roof Installation: A Proactive Approach

Whenever we think of a building, we start thinking about the exteriors of the property. We think about how it will appear from the outside. We imagine its walls, its design, the private landscape and most importantly its roof. 420 more words

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Maintenance: One Key to a Long Roof Life

Every Facility Manager has the challenge of maintaining a dry building. A best practice is to have a reputable roofing company inspect your roof every spring and fall. 164 more words

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Roofing Contractors Chicago

The roof of a house is a shield against all weather conditions. It protects the house and its inhabitants from the outside world and retains them with utmost care. 452 more words

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How Wind Damages Your Roof And What You Can Do About It

One of the biggest culprits of roof damage? Wind. While most homeowners worry about the effects of rain, snow, and hail, wind can actually do a significant amount of damage without you even realizing it. 601 more words

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Commercial Roofing – Risk Factors and Maintenance

Commercial building is the place where your employee’s works for you and you meet with your clients. Common commercial roofing problems are always a major issue which involves certain expenses. 85 more words

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Institute for Market Transformation’s (IMT’s) Commercial Roofing Document is Oversimplified and Misleading

NRCA is expressing concern about the accuracy of a document published by IMT, which addresses the International Energy Conversion Code and the commercial roofing industry. The document, 378 more words