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image two unedited

again this image will be for advertising of some sort of hair product. with the big curls i want to enhance the hair, and chose this style of cropping because i want to place a product in the image too


What Would You Do TO A Klondike Bar?

The commercial is funny enough (and I wonder if it’ll ever make it onto network television) but the tagline totally makes it!


image one edited low saturation

i also found a very low saturation gave this image a soft pretty look to it, by keeping the models lips bright and the rest of the image being dull, she still looks natural yet high fashion


image one edited black and white

i love this image in black and white because it keeps the focus on the facial expression and adds a flattering look to the model. black and white fashion photography to me is much more timeless and i prefer to use it as the model looks more appealing and the detail of the hair looks softer


A to Z of Dance

…by Diesel Jeans (Italy)


Check out Diesel’s site here

And read about it on Adweek here



I was watching The Big Bang Theory earlier when I noticed they where drinking Fanta. I usually do not care about what they drink and I have already watched it many times but I just cannot help but notice. 38 more words


image one unedited

i like the expression and natural playful look the model gives in this image, she looks happy and normal with a hint of classic beauty. the idea for this image is to put a volume shampoo or hair product as the selling point, or maybe even something like a shot for playful girl in a magazine like dolly, cosmo or elle.