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Shop on Thanksgiving? Heck yeah! Let me tell you why.

Most of the concerns about Thanksgiving Day shopping revolve around the people who have to work and miss out on valuable family time. I think others just hate that we are rushing into an already over commercialized holiday. 380 more words


Persuasion Invasion

America is inundated with advertisements. Anyone in the country for more than 4 minutes could tell you that. It seems that each year, ad companies figure out new ways to shove their products into our faces, and each year, consumers just shrug them off as a part of life. 310 more words

Sifting Through The Trash Layer

For some reason, in between finding as many outlets as I can to plug my upcoming books and posting a backlog of short stories to some other sites, I found myself watching a marathon of old commercials which I found strangely soothing.   429 more words

WorkHaul @ Workhall

Hello readers! Hope you are enjoying this lovely Tuesday wherever you are. I haven’t had the chance to go shopping in a while so I decided to step up my game just a bit. 255 more words


Smoke Screens Of A Commercial World

Photography & Words by El-Branden Brazil

For the last few weeks, I have observed, on my way back home, the development of a new hair salon from its initial construction. 628 more words


The Contest

Jake hobbled on his crippled knees down the gray dingy street amidst multiple story buildings. His progress was slow but steady. His face revealed the pain he experienced. 1,495 more words