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wikipedia poem, no. 42

             the stranger's 
awfully glad 
    the USA    stranger's body's still    
      glad to be   
    conscripted to be     a   
  to be here for 
you all 

   a useless 
         day? 36 more words

On Fat Shaming

I’ve had a few posts roll through my Facebook newsfeed today about plus-size models and beauty at all sizes. Every single time I read the comments they are full of fat-shamers putting in their opinions about how ‘unacceptable’ the pictured women are. 925 more words



“I adore money!” An entrepreneurial friend shared with me a famous quote from one of their new employees. “Very good, simple and straightforward!” I said. When someone loves money this much, it’s always a good thing for the boss, as you know creating incentives for this person is almost effortless. 216 more words

Free Flow

Do You Want to Always Be Right? That's a Rhetorical Question

Rhetoric is the Philosophers Jiu-Jitsu.

Philosophers think in different ways.  In order to conceptualize their ideas they use words and when they use words they meet with other people in the world and here a philosopher needs to be able to show how his/her ideas fit into the spectrum of human reality.   613 more words



We live in a small Florida town that was forgotten by growth promoters sometime in 2008, and I’d apparently gone blind to that particular phenomenon.  Last week, I found myself in a suburb just north of Atlanta and was overwhelmed by the wall-to-wall and back-to-back river of stores, all of them shiny-new franchised businesses, all overflowing with stock.  158 more words

Blog Hibernation

Dear blog, my silent patient companion.

You know me well to understand my long absence. The seeds of thoughts, images and words are patiently awaiting the soil of my soul to find the right environment. 360 more words

Around The World

2015 - Day 15: Government Assistance Bullshit

Rant In Progress….

One line in the following article, Take sugary drinks out of food assistance , that really kinda pisses me off is… “Americans can’t be denied the right to choose to drink a junk drink, but there’s no reason why taxpayers should be paying for it.” Okay… I “get it” BUT… I’m a working taxpayer on the food assistance program because my job doesn’t pay enough to cover the cost of food for my family and pay rent and bills. 459 more words

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