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Friday in Hell

I’m sure we’re all familiar with Black Friday – that one day in the American calendar when major retailers open early and offer massively discounted prices, drawing in a horde of customers who will likely barge their way through each other in order to get some of their Christmas shopping done as early as possible. 441 more words


The Do's and Don'ts of Black Friday

reaping the benefits of a Hunger Games without the pressure of a love triangle

by Shayda Abazari
graphic by Savannah Tate

Ah, the holiday season is upon us. 547 more words


It's Not The Shopping

It’s not the shopping
The shiny black Friday deals
Material wants
Created by corporate greed
For the bloating of coffers
It’s for gratitude
Communion with ones you love… 13 more words


Black Friday: Black Day or really a Happy Day

Black Friday is coming! Black what? Black FRIDAY. No it isn’t the most depressing Friday of the year as I mistakenly believed, it is an American invention, a day of insane shopping deals previously only seen in the USA but now gaining popularity in the UK. 716 more words

Making a Better Holiday: Buy Less, Live More

…the more I buy the more I’m bought. And the more I’m bought the less I cost.” – Joe Pug – Hymn #101… 644 more words

Meaningful Living

Thanksgiving Proclamation, Expounded Upon.

Okay, let’s face it. Our country is a bit of a mess. Rest assured, I am not going to talk politics, that’s enough of a headache as it is. 948 more words


Thanksgiving vs. Christmas: What season is it anyway?

I got this comic as it cruised around Facebook. I just love the pie in the corner.

I have been meditating on this topic for some time. 1,030 more words