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Coke Salutes 1993 World Series Blue Jays

Back in 1992 and 1993 Coke made commemorative cans to celebrate the World Series wins by the Toronto Blue Jays. I’m sure they did this for every team but living in Canada I only saw these cans. 113 more words


Brett Favre Ditches His Scraggly Hair and 'Lost' Beard in Male Grooming Ad

Brett Favre has had a wolfy beard in recent months. Add in the Popeye guns he’s been sporting, and you’ve definitely got a guy you don’t want to go up against in a backyard football game. 96 more words

Brett Favre

Army Ants

This is another toy that I never owned (and to be honest don’t think was ever that popular) but now nearly 30 years later (Oh yeah, these came out in 1987) I can still remember most of the jingle in the commercial. 54 more words


This Wins the Internet: Drunk Jeff Goldblum Computer Ads

This might be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. You will re-watch these many times I assure you.

Back in 1999 Jeff Goldblum did a series of commercials for Apple. 43 more words


Richard Sherman Bakes Organic Cookies With a Llama in Weird Commercial

Richard Sherman just made this new commercial for Neff headwear, which is a snow and skate apparel brand. Nothing about the advertisement would indicate that; they just assumed we’d know. 71 more words


Jon Gruden Says Hooters Girls Make Your Wings Taste Better and Your Beer Colder

Jon Gruden appeared in another Hooters commercial. Whereas the last one was 3.5 minutes, and almost felt like a movie, the new spot is a manageable 30 seconds. 111 more words