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Bryce Harper's Home Run Baseball Morphs Into His Screaming Face in Gatorade Ad

Bryce Harper made a new Gatorade commercial, and there’s a whole lot going on here. Dripping Gatorade, Harper socks a dinger that comes to embody his screaming face mid-flight.  69 more words


"My Life, My Card" Wes Anderson American Express Commercial

A few years ago Wes Anderson made one of the quirkiest and fun commercials I have ever seen. The ad was for American Express and featured some of his longtime collaborators Jason Schwartzman and Waris Ahluwalia. 48 more words


Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Made from a mix of the best peanuts in the world and ground up pieces of the real Peter Pan (I assume), this was a peanut butter that I have only had once in my life. 63 more words


Starburst: The Juice is Loose

“The Juice is Loose” a phrase I found myself randomly saying all the time as a child, so good job on the ad Starburst. Still a proud “go to” candy for me, my love of Starburst started at an early age and continues to this day. 62 more words


Matt LeBlanc Cherry 7up Commercial

Before Matt LeBlanc could get speaking roles on tv and was able to use his ultimate pickup line “How you doin?”, he had to figure out another way to have unbridled unprotected sex with piles of woman. That other way? Cherry 7up!


My Little Pony

My buddy once told me he was in a Jean Claude Van Damme movie. Turns out he was a liar. Now here’s a commercial for My Little Pony!


Editor Marc Langley Gets The Nod From IKEA's "Nonna"

Pleasing the very hard to impress Nonna, the picky star of IKEA’s latest television commercial, is all in a day’s work for Rooster Post Production senior editor Marc Langley. 201 more words