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Aaron Rodgers Doppelgänger Gets State Farm Commercial

Tom Wrigglesworth, a British comedian who¬†bears an uncanny resemblance to Aaron Rodgers, has capitalized on the similarity by associating himself with the insurance brand that has co-opted the Packers quarterback’s touchdown celebration. 57 more words


Merry Christmas from ATARI

What’s amazing about the first commercial is that ATARI tries to be politically correct and wish everyone a “Happy Holiday” and then proceed to show Inuits (or Eskimos as they were called back then) in an igloo playing ATARI. 33 more words


The Life After Coke

I came across this video today, and thought I would share it! Environmental awareness is such an important and growing trend, and what Coke did to combat the negativity about plastic bottles is brilliant. 6 more words


E.T./Atari Christmas Commercial

That’s right, before this game was exclusively found in landfills, you could actually purchase it in stores to give to your family as a great holiday gift! 52 more words