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Richard Sherman Bakes Organic Cookies With a Llama in Weird Commercial

Richard Sherman just made this new commercial for Neff headwear, which is a snow and skate apparel brand. Nothing about the advertisement would indicate that; they just assumed we’d know. 71 more words


Jon Gruden Says Hooters Girls Make Your Wings Taste Better and Your Beer Colder

Jon Gruden appeared in another Hooters commercial. Whereas the last one was 3.5 minutes, and almost felt like a movie, the new spot is a manageable 30 seconds. 111 more words


Before They Were Famous: Paul Rudd in Super Nintendo Commercial

Before Paul Rudd was playing some of our favorite comedic roles, he was playing with power…Super Nintendo Power…and also likely playing with himself as young men tend to masturbate. Enjoy the commercial!


Before They Were Famous: Mila Kunis in Lisa Frank Commercial

Many famous actors had several acting jobs in commercials, television and film before they make it big. Not me, I won an Oscar in my first film right out of the gate! 23 more words


Peyton Manning Won't Let Couch Potatoes Drink Gatorade

Peyton Manning is in a whole slew of new Gatorade commercials – which were released today – and the theme for them is that you need to sweat it to get it. 59 more words

Peyton Manning

Eli and Peyton Manning Are Smack-Talking Gatorade Bottles

Gatorade released a series of promos for its new “League of Captains” bottles (also featuring RGIII, JJ Watt, and Cam Newton) yesterday, and in this spot Eli Manning apparently shows up his older brother Peyton by following through on his vow to make it rain in the vegetable aisle. 34 more words

Peyton Manning

HO, HO, HO: Green Giant

It was a sad day when Dr. Bruce Banner exposed to gamma radiation turning him into this monster you see before you. Sorry what? My apologies, apparently I am confusing the Green Giant with The Hulk. 20 more words