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Successful Commercial Attributes

Commercials are everywhere. Outside, inside, on your way to work, at work, at restaurants, even at the nail salon. Everywhere.
This means that if you’re trying to get your company or brand noticed, you’ll probably need one. 411 more words


'The Daily Show' Rewrites Koch Industries Commercial That Runs During Show

Observant viewers of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” may have noticed that the Comedy Central program has a new advertiser. No, not a video game or even a new flavor of Bud Light: a family-owned outfit out of Kansas is buying ad time during the influential comedy-news program. 497 more words

3 LeBron James Commercials To Get You Ready For His Return To Cleveland

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — LeBron James returns to Cleveland Thursday night at 8:00pm E.T. vs. the Knicks, as if you didn’t already know. It’s everywhere.

Here are three commercials recently released, promoting LeBron’s return to Cleveland. 59 more words

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Nike debuts electrifying LeBron James commercial marking Cleveland return

Ask someone to name their favorite Michael Jordan commercials and they might rattle off two dozen without stopping for a breath. Ask someone to do the same with LeBron James’ ads and they might sputter for a while before mentioning that… 154 more words


First impressions shooting with the Sony A7S camera, Prince of Darkness.

I’ve been told Sony’s A7S is the new king of small format ‘DSLR’ shooting. I’ve read how extraordinary it’s low light capabilities are. I’ve heard the rumour that says it blows away the 5D mark III and the Canon 1DC. 1,126 more words

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Free Maya!

No, Maya is not held captive, kidnapped or have been restrained for use. I’m talking about how you can get the best 3d software in the industry for free! 255 more words