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New Derek Jeter commercial is an ode to New York

In this commercial for Gatorade, Derek Jeter AKA The Captain AKA Mr. November AKA Class Personified walks around New York City while being filmed in black and white and serenaded by Frank Sinatra. 70 more words


Best adverts, Dreams

Turkish Airlines is known to the advertising world mostly for its goofy, fun-loving, insanely popular ads with Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi. But the brand shows its versatility with this gorgeous new spot from Lowe Istanbul – almost the polar opposite of those celebrity ads. 113 more words


Breeding Even More Irresponsible Drivers

I know I ranted once before about my conflicted feelings about all these new high tech cars which more and more seem to do the thinking for us, and the message I think it is really sending, and what it is doing to us as a culture in general, but there is this new one out now that really bugs me. 218 more words


Americans vs. everyone else

Murica oh ‘murica, you land of joy and pride,

In good, in bad, still walking side by side.

Though at times trouble may linger still, 1,399 more words

Wanna Know Why Coke Is #1?

Two, if the THE TWO, most successful brands in the history of the world are Coca-Cola and Budweiser.  Why?  How do they do it?  Very simple:  marketing. 106 more words


Dear Oprah | A Letter from Gram... circa 1988

The folder containing photos, clippings and, most especially the writings from my Grandmother (like a letter to Oprah), is like a book that I never want to end. 532 more words

Joust Commercial - YouTube

Joust Commercial – YouTube.
Have you guys had a chance to see this retro Joust commercial? Oh my lord. I haven’t thought about Joust since I read Ready Player One.

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