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#FlashbackFriday: 15 Really Ridiculous '90s Commercials (LIST)

Nostalgia is a mofo, man.

All it does is mislead. Example: the movie Rocky is trash. Everything about that movie is stupid, from the acting to the writing. 418 more words


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Some commercials

Let’s take a moment and look at some commercials, shall we?  Because some networks think we can’t get enough of them in a given period of time (looking at you FX, ABC Family, actually all channels that rely on sponsors to fund their checks). 121 more words

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South Korea's KFC 'Zinger Double Down King' Is The New Sign Of The Foodpocalypse

Ever since KFC’s Famous Bowls inspired Patton Oswalt’s famous stand-up bit, there’s nothing that the fast food giant could do to surprise us anymore. After all, this is the company that followed up those bowls, which were basically complete meals layered on top of each other so worker drones and stoners could eat then 10 times faster than they should, with the legendary Double Down. 246 more words

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Being on film set and other updates

Hello World!

It has been awhile since I have updated this blog. I have been recovering from eye surgery and taking care of other things, but now I am back! 53 more words


Known Issue: 6226 - Nominal drilldown narrative in SL: 'Intended for //'

When the first Sales order line of a Sales Order has a zero value and no Nominal analysis but further order lines do have Nominal analysis, the  nominal drill down within the SL Transaction enquiry shows the Narrative ‘Intended For -//’ 106 more words

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Today on the tray: The can-can!

October 23 is National Canning Day. You might celebrate by canning your own food—or, if you’re like me, you might say “screw that” and head over to the supermarket. 187 more words

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