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The biggest loser of the world cup was: Nike

This post will probably be closer to a lengthy rant than a thought, but that is because I am such a fan of the two things that this post will address. 2,262 more words

WWE New Feud and Stings Video Cost

Source: F4Wonline.com

- The new feud between The Miz and Sheamus is scheduled to go for a few weeks. As noted, they will face each other on tonight’s Main Event episode. 50 more words

WWE News And Events

Favorite commercial jingles

What’s some of your favorite commercial jingles?

Just Curious

LG Knock Code (hilarity?) I'm one vicious bitch, no?

This one has a funny story attached^^ Glad it turned out as it did! Cheers! And no, I cannot cook in real life either!^^


Pretty Women And The Sciences

“Isn’t it time we told her she’s pretty brilliant, too?”

I understand what Verizon is trying to say in this ad: Young women are not encouraged to be interested in the sciences and math but are instead made to focus on beauty and being “a girl,” aka delicate, pretty and protected. 614 more words


The End

When it comes to ending your novel do you know how it will conclude before you begin? Is it because you have carefully outlined the book from start to finish? 358 more words

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