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The completion of the European Banking Union attracts billions of new capital for Eurozone banks

The European Parliament adopted yesterday with large majorities three legal texts completing the European Banking Union, two years after the initial decision to create a common system, at least in the euro area, of regular bank supervision and resolution of failing lenders. 946 more words


My second Harley is in process....

Another commission in the works…. What a cool guy he is!!!! He is being painted in oil on a 18 X 18 canvas.



A few quick photos from a chalkboard I did at LIDA/M&C Saatchi’s offices for an Ikea Family meeting.


Is Salvation important...to the Church?


Sometimes I think the church is more concerned about competition than it is about people.
It strikes me that many churches spend a lot of money on “church-growth” seminars and guest speakers and even other resources just to increase their Sunday attendances.   801 more words

Different Examples of Art in the Public Realm

Public realm art works can be brought about in many different ways. They can be commissioned by local government agencies, councils, hospitals, schools etc… funded by various different bodies which can either be brought about by the funders, competitions or funded by individuals or groups. 1,852 more words


Cartography and Fine Art: Research for a Commission

I’ve been commissioned to create a map of India that has a slightly “antique” look to it. While my instructions are solely aesthetic, as a conscientious ex-art history student, I cannot proceed before doing the bare minimum research. 364 more words

Art History

Best Canadian Artist Jozsef Burge Past Works

A movie showing some of Jozsef Burge’s amazing works produced for private and corporate collections from Milan, Rome, Venice, and Canada.