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The roundabout dumpage.

Today was an extremely productive day. I completed many school assignments, drank copious amounts of coffee, got myself a job, and may have kinda sorta cut things off with my boyfriend. 85 more words


Take a Deep Breath, Pretend...

I fall in love so hard that I push the one I love so far away from me that I can’t reach them anymore.
True connections are not easy for me, I hide this under a mask of extroverted sarcasm and pretending I own a room when I walk into it. 267 more words

The talk was just the beginning

“I don’t understand your need for commitment? You and I are a sexually compatible, why can’t we just have some honest fun?” This is how the idea of creating this blog came to mind. 615 more words


the way she moves.

image courtesy of Google (from Google search for “grace”)

i used to be graceful. like, pride-myself-on-walking-in-quietly-while-commanding-a-room-full-of-respect-and-attention, graceful. at least, that’s how i imagined it. i was careful to convey the mood and intention of my interactions with the heaviness of my footfalls; i tried to move as close to silently as possible; and i always paid attention to how i held my body, whether moving or standing still. 2,610 more words

You Shouldn't Fear Commitment

This is a universe. I think sometimes we all have a tendency to forget that, in our corner of the world, country, state, city. And all of our own stories. 430 more words

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Universal winning combination — Attitude + Commitment

I believe the above stated formula is true for any domain, any industry and across globe. I would love to hear from those who disagree with this.

When Committing to Love

The ins and outs

Know them

The staircase, exits

Locate them

Fix and fortify

Evac backpacks

Better not forget the first aid kit

Be ready at a moments notice… 56 more words