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Commitment: Faith To Act

Commitment: Faith to Act

Commitment is an act not a word. What is commitment? Commitment is a phenomenon that can be experienced by a person and can be observed through actions. 169 more words


A Biblical view of love.

“The world takes us to a silver screen on which flickering images of passion and romance play, and as we watch, the world says, “This is love.” God takes us to the foot of a tree on which a naked and bloodied man hangs and says, “This is love.”

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There is no plan B

No thank you.  That sounds nice and all, but if I am shooting for the moon, I plan to hit the moon – and you should too! 451 more words

FAQs about Open Relationships

So, is that like swinging?

Both swinging and polyamory involve additional partners beyond one’s primary partner. However, swinging is more about just sex, while polyamory is about having more than one loving relationship. 462 more words

Starting with the Triumphal entry {Palm Sunday}                John 12.

Jesus’ enemies grow stronger {Jesus clears the temple}   Mark 11.

Enemies outside {Religious leader determined to get Jesus} Mark 12. 210 more words

OFJ -Old Fellow Johns Posts

Making the Commitment

So, you’ve sat down with yourself and discussed the pro’s and con’s. Maybe you’re like me and grabbed your notebook and took way too long… 433 more words

My Night Life

The Paris Marathon

One of my resolutions for 2014 was to run the Paris Marathon. I’m delighted to have achieved that within the time-frame I had trained for. 604 more words