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i like to play blogging too

A few weekends ago a girlfriend had me over to pick my brain about blogging because I told her I’d once had one. She’d talked earlier about maybe, possibly, some day starting one, but on Saturday morning she was… 375 more words


Say Yes to Your Writing Self

Every day we distract ourselves from becoming the artist we want to be. And it’s easy to do.

If I am without a specific purpose, I sidetrack into household projects like cleaning the kitchen walls. 486 more words


How to say NO without being impolite

It is good to be the YES person is most occasions but there are times when you must invariably say NO. And at such moments many people fail to do so because they do not want to be discourteous or impolite. 790 more words


Prioritize your time

Today my hubby got up and left for work, my eldest got ready and went to school, mr.9 is unwell so stayed home and little miss 3 had no daycare commitments today, so miss 3, mr. 732 more words

On Responsibility Towards Others

Because ‘responsibility’ seems to be the topic de nos jours on this blog, I thought I’d offer some more thoughts on it; first, Bradley, your post was well worth the wait, not least because the accidental Offspring references now appear to be creeping into purposeful, title-bound Offspring references, a trait that I considered replicating in this post but decided against it – I guess I try to be me but I’m turning into you. 637 more words


It's made my week by @dtbarron

Time to reflect

One of the great things about writing a blog is that it really makes you sit down and reflect on your week – what has gone well?

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When the world feels small

Am so very am
Speak so very speak
Look at my very hand
For each all lovers
My every vein
A ring . .