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I don't want to

I have a problem with commitments. I always come up with ideas of fun things to go do and the day comes with a load of regret. 114 more words

Thoughts on Personal Commitments

Hey guys~

I’ve come to realize something about myself…I’m not all that great at keeping commitments.

I always seem to say to myself, “Ok, I’m gonna start doing this or that for this length of time/at this rate.” Then I do it maybe once or twice, and then completely forget about it. 407 more words


Normal service resuming ...

Mary Poppins

Firstly many thanks to Derek (and others) for keeping the blog going when I was on leave. It’s always intriguing to see how other people see things and I enjoyed hearing about the visit to the mental health wards with John and Iona.

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When Desires Collide

On one hand, I want the quiet eternal sleep bad enough I can taste it.

With the other hand, I’ve made promises to Lover.  He never made me directly promise not to, which I appreciate more than I can put words to. 353 more words

Going on a commitment

com·mit·ment    kəˈmitmənt/     noun1.

  1. The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

    “the company’s commitment to quality”

    synonyms: dedication

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The iTude Code



Be Thankful

And not compare

Stick to your lane

Run your race

Learn to enjoy life

Dream for tomorrow

Live for this moment…

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