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Let's Surf the Internet!

I painted this satirical picture before I owned my first personal computer.

Like a moth around a lantern, the new age Super Hero, with a dollar sign on his chest and wings of paper money, flutters around, leaping from leaf to flower, fingering the keyboard - an extension of his body - while his attention is riveted to the glowing screen of Lady Lightning Bug.   121 more words


April Fool's Day 2014


April 1st, 2014 is approaching. May I still hold onto the hope that our president will come forth and tell his people that his plan is all an April Fool’s joke? 2,151 more words

Blog #3- "Commodities Fetishism" drives today's society

Karl Marx wanted to reunite theory and practice.  His theories are shaped by the world around him. Marx would also refer capitalism as a mode of production which involves commodities for the means of exchange in the market place.   323 more words

A collaborative exercise in commodity fetishism?

Top comment on this thread from Hacker News hijacks the conversation and takes a hard stand on the intersection of startup culture and social good. 110 more words


Blog #2: Obsession of consumer items (Marx)

There is no way to say that you work only for survival. There are reasons that we work part – time and full – time jobs. 662 more words