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Critical Theory Defined: Alienation

Alienation, much like many of the terms used in critical theory, is principally found in the work of Marx. Although made famous by Marx in his economic theories and his critique of the way in which human relations are socially constructed by material conditions produced by capital, the term itself can be seen within a Hegelian context. 700 more words

Critical Theory

A Review of The Promise of Happiness

Just spent time at my elderly parents’ house, as I do a few times every year, doing the housework they aren’t able to, hanging around in their basement—where I can check email on dialup internet for $2 per hour (not much social media, even with images turned off, as it’s not very social when it’s crawling along at dialup speed on a computer with WinXP), gossiping about relatives, and getting the updates on neighborhood news. 2,780 more words


Not Yet Ready To Kick The Bucket List

People are starting to use the phrase “bucket list” in conversation.  These are healthy people, for the most part.  There are things to do and people and places to see and the clock is ticking.   352 more words