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The trickster, the tech, and the treachery of images: Part One

Uri Geller and the Enchantment of Technology.

In the early 1970’s television audiences marvelled at the antics of Uri Geller. He could apparently re-activate broken watches; he could reproduce telepathically a drawing that had been made secretly by an entire stranger, and – above all, he could bend spoons, supposedly without physical intervention, for Geller’s major power was said to be… 1,800 more words

Critical Theory Defined: Alienation

Alienation, much like many of the terms used in critical theory, is principally found in the work of Marx. Although made famous by Marx in his economic theories and his critique of the way in which human relations are socially constructed by material conditions produced by capital, the term itself can be seen within a Hegelian context. 700 more words

Critical Theory