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Seven Essential Cinnamon Benefits and Uses

7 Essential Cinnamon Benefits and Uses


Infinitely more useful than just as a fragrant spice, cinnamon has been used by Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for literally thousands of years. 1,271 more words



I just wrote a whole post about hand washing and virus bombs and life high on Tylenol Cold & Flu! I tried my best to stay focused and make sense of everything as I expressed my fear of infecting and reinfecting my entire family and my roller coaster ride of feeling better and then having the medication wear off an crashing. 121 more words

Much Ado About Nothing.


Hey Keddah,

So remember when I would get sick with a cold in college and I would be the most miserable person in the world and I would talk about how I’d rather die than have a cold and I’d say it either into a pillow or in that voice that sounds a lot like complaining to my mom about her not letting me having another spoonful of cookie dough? 194 more words

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Flu or Common cold

1. Is flu just a bad cold?

Flu is usually confused with common cold, but is worse than a severe common cold. Some of the common symptoms of flu are fever, chills, headaches and aching muscles, as well as a cough and sore throat. 472 more words


The Common Cold And The Creative Brain.

Posted by Ryder Islington, Author of ULTIMATE JUSTICE, A Trey Fontaine Mystery

Maybe the title should be more specific–based on This Creative Brain. I hate getting a cold, and in fact don’t think I’ve had even a sniffle in the last ten years. 315 more words

Ryder Islington

Going on the Offensive When I Start Feeling Sick

I never remember how awesome it feels to be healthy until I get sick. What is the deal with getting sick in the summer anyway? I spend sufficient time outside and doing physical things. 671 more words