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Louisiana's Class of 2014 ACT Scores Are In This Post

Today I made a new friend. This new friend works in admissions at one of Louisiana’s institutes of higher education. My new friend informed me that the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) is not the only entity to which ACT sends score reports. 550 more words

High-stakes Testing

Ken Previti reblogged this on Reclaim Reform and commented:

"These RSD-NO ACT scores aren’t useful for selling the test-score-driven, state-takeover, charter-conversion model John White is so fond of. And so what does the state super who cries 'accountability' do? He hides the scores from public view... A sham."

Arthur Costa: the value of high stakes testing?

“What was educationally significant and hard to measure has been replaced by what is educationally insignificant and easy to measure.
So now we measure how well we taught what isn’t worth learning.”
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The Election of the Pope and Mike Madigan

Pope Francis was elected by a majority of the Cardinals of the Catholic Church.

Mike Madigan, IL Speaker of the House for 30+ years, was… 357 more words


Peggy Robertson stranded by Spirit Airlines in Florida after the UOO Conference

Spirit Airlines stranded Peggy Robertson, founder and leader of United Opt Out National, in Florida by claiming that they had no record of her flight information – in spite the fact that she produced the paperwork with the information. 146 more words


What does this have to do with public education, high stakes testing, CCSS, charters, vouchers, career teachers, VAM, etc.? Everything.

Liars and thieves have no political party affiliation except in exterior brand labels.

After a $100 million acrid battle for the governorship in Illinois involving an incumbent Democratic Gov. 485 more words


Just because the other kids are doing it...

Question: What is wrong with this picture?

Answer: Nothing.


Moms and Dads,

None of our children are standardized.

CCSS is standardized.

What else needs to be discussed? 234 more words


Huh? "Preparing students to successfully compete in today's world marketplace."

High stakes testing, CCSS, charter schools, etc. have the stated mission of “preparing students to successfully compete in today’s world marketplace.”

This is insanity. This is destructive for the child and the nation. 445 more words