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DOD DSL in Common Lisp

I found that a DSL can be constructed to make DOD nice to work with in Common Lisp. Currently it is limited to a table struct, which simply has a count variable and  a data variable. 370 more words

Common Lisp

First Post in a while: Voxel Platformer

It has a while since my last post. I have been doing a couple of different projects. I started off programming a UDP P2P system in C#, but as it happens I got bored with it. 807 more words

Common Lisp

Interesting Discussions on Lisp

Who would have thought that an online book about typography would contains an interesting article about Lisp? The Hacker News thread of the article is also a fascinating read, contains many illuminating discussions about Lisp and Racket. 27 more words


LET-OVER-LAMBDA fixed for SBCL 1.2.2

Thanks go out to Orivej Desh—he pointed out what I overlooked, and the LET-OVER-LAMBDA package now works with full functionality restored in SBCL 1.2.2. I have preserved the… 53 more words


LET-OVER-LAMBDA broken in SBCL 1.2.2

As expected, the Quicklisp distribution of LET-OVER-LAMBDA is broken by the changes to the backquote reader macro in SBCL 1.2.2; although I expect this change breaks a good portion of Paul Graham’s macro code examples from… 119 more words


Hacking Lisp in the Cloud, Pt. 3

Today Cloud9 announced the release of their new IDE to all customers. They also released their new website. The hiccups in the beta were all pretty minor, and were resolved quickly after reporting the bugs. 683 more words