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Hacking Lisp in the Cloud, Pt. 3

Today Cloud9 announced the release of their new IDE to all customers. They also released their new website. The hiccups in the beta were all pretty minor, and were resolved quickly after reporting the bugs. 683 more words


SLIME for Emacs Live

Emacs Live is a frakkin’ epic compilation of customizations and packages, streamlined for the ultimate hacking experience. As I mentioned in my last post, Adventures in Clojure… 308 more words


EMACS as programmer's IDE

Little bit of background

I am one of those believers of Sublime Text. With its various plugins it allows developers to integrate seamlessly software development workflow… 603 more words


Hacking Lisp in the Cloud, Part 2

This morning I got access to the new Cloud9 IDE beta—and I have to say… WOW. It’s slicker, it’s faster, it’s more stable, auto-complete recognizes Lisp definition forms from your open workspace files such as… 480 more words


Announcing BIT-SMASHER

BIT-SMASHER is a lean, straightforward and admittedly naive Common Lisp library for handling the oft-overlooked bit-vector type, bit-vector arithmetic, and type conversion between bit-vectors, octet-vectors, hexadecimal strings, and non-negative integers, extending the related functionality in the Common Lisp standard. 329 more words


The Magic Forest problem revisited: rehabilitating Java with the aid of D.

I recently came across an interesting blog post in which Java performed slower than I’d have thought reasonable, around 4 times slower than C++, so I decided to try my luck at making it faster. 2,702 more words

Quicksort algorithm


QUICKSORT is one of the showcases of functional programming since it’s (naïve) implementation can be expressed very elegantly in functional style. For example, in Haskell… 2,245 more words