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Nobel Laureate Myron Scholes on the Common Mistakes Research Analysts Make

CFA Institute: What are some of the things that fundamental analysts and quantitative analysts are each good at?

Myron Scholes: I look at three dimensions. One is…

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Data Mining

BAD INDEXES: a baker's dozen of common mistakes (wellisch)

  1. bad alphabetization of entries: mixing word by word & letter by letter arrangement
  2. incorrect locators
  3. long strings of undifferentiated locators
  4. relevant proper names not indexed…
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From "Common Mistakes Singles Make" Preface

We all recognize how helpful it is to know that others struggle where we struggle, others hurt as we do, others do the same dumb things we’ve done. 79 more words


Guide to self-publishing, part 1: preparation

So, you’ve spent months/years/decades writing your book and for whatever reason(s), you’ve decided to self-publish. So what now? Here’s what I’ve learnt about the preparation part (that it would have been nice to know before…) 1,001 more words

Common Mistakes

The Danger of Being A Writer With Potential

I see it all the time.

No jokes.

In my classes I’ll have three kinds of students.

1) Those who are there because they enjoy writing. 292 more words

Common Mistakes: Their, They’re and There

Although they might sound exactly the same when spoken, these three words have very different meanings, and very different spellings! Identifying which is the right one to use can be tricky, especially for those for whom English is a second language. 242 more words

Academic Writing

သတိထားစရာ Silent Letters

ဒီေန႔ေတာ့ လူေတာ္ေတာ္မ်ားမ်ားအသံထြက္မွားေလ့ရွိတဲ့ Silent Letterအေၾကာင္း
ကိုေၿပာၿပသြားပါ့မယ္။ စကားလံုးအခ်ိဳ ဳ႕မွာ အသံမထြက္ရတဲ့စာလံုးေတြရွိပါတယ္။
ဥပမာဆိုပါဆို႔ island/’aɪ.lənd / ကို (အိုင္းစလန္း)လို႔အသံထြက္ၾကပါတယ္။
ဒါေပမဲ့အသံထြက္အမွန္က (အိုင္းလန္း) ပါ။ (Sသံမပါပါဘူး)
(1) aisle/aɪl/ အိုင္းလ္ (Sသံမပါပါဘူး)
(2) comb/kəʊm/ ကူးမ္ (bသံမပါပါဘူး) 59 more words