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Writing the perfect crime story

There’s a good article here by Niall Leonard on how to write (and prepare to write) a good crime story. It talks about working out who dunnit, the motive and how to uncover clues… very useful.

How To Write A Book

Regrets (Part 1)

Do you have regrets in life?

  • Missed opportunities.
  • Things that made us feel dumb.
  • Not perusing a relationship or getting into bad one.
  • Not spending our time more wisely…
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5 Common Interview Mistakes

Your handshake is firm, your eye contact is exceptional, and your thank-you notes are the perfect mix of professionalism and personality. Experts share the less obvious uh-ohs that could derail your chances.  735 more words


10 tips for a clean manuscript

Here’s a great article on the Books & Such blog about any last minute checks you need to do to your submission regarding common grammar mistakes. 16 more words

How To Write A Book

Is going to the gym boring?

There was time many years ago when I was thinking that going to the gym was boring. Just doing the same movements time after time and just waiting in between the sets. 703 more words

Mario Villegas Seattle - Most Common Restaurant Startup Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Mario Villegas Seattle - In any new business venture good decision-making is vital. Opening a new restaurant requires so many decisions that it’s not hard to make some bloopers along the way. 1,195 more words

Mario Villegas

The Absolute Worst Mistake when Running Tile

There is nothing quite like the feeling of pride and accomplishment after completing a difficult home improvement project. It usually follows a long time of putting the project off and finally mustering up the energy and ambition to start it. 938 more words

Common Mistakes