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Common mistakes #2: Not checking tyre pressure

Tyres naturally lose a bit of pressure over time. When they are are low on air, even those that aren’t visibly low, can compromise fuel economy. 87 more words

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Common Mistakes: Aim at, not on or against

Hôm nay chúng ta tìm hiểu thêm về từ “Aim”.

“Aim” sẽ đi với giới từ “At” nhưng không thể dùng với “on” hoặc là “against”. 15 more words


Common Mistakes: Afraid of not from

Chúng ta nhớ nhé Afraid sẽ đi với giới từ “of” không phải “from”.

Các bạn xem ví dụ minh họa ha.


Common Mistakes: Effect Vs. Affect

Despite the fact that one of these words is a noun and the other is a verb, many people confuse the two. To avoid making this mistake in your writing you will simply have to learn which is which. 180 more words

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes: It’s Vs. Its

Confusing the words ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ is a surprisingly common mistake. Unfortunately, it isn’t merely a spelling mistake but a grammar error, so repeated use of the incorrect form will lend a very unprofessional air to your writing. 138 more words

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes: Where, We’re and Were

Although these three words have completely different meanings, some people seem to think they are interchangeable. Making such an error in a piece of academic writing… 324 more words

Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes : Accustomed to, not with

Một lỗi thường thấy trong tiếng Anh đó là khi chúng ta dùng “Accustomed” đi với giới từ “With”.
Dùng vậy là sai, “Accustomed” đi với “to” mới đúng. 44 more words

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