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New Things That Made Me Happy!

I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP TOMORROW!! Ok maybe that is the name but i am not 100% sure and cannot be bothered to check. 570 more words

Only good stories count - A Beetle's Tale VIII

People were heavily mistaken when they believed Rita Skeeter only had sharp ears, because her tongue was sharper and her mind even more so. Bellatrix was welcomed into the 6th year of Hogwarts will all sorts of wild rumours running around about her. 209 more words

Perfect Possibilities

Coming Up This Semester!

Interested in what’s up this semester? ¬†Great, cause we have a lot planned! ¬†Whether you join us for our weekly 7 pm Mass at St. Bernard’s (and fellowship afterwards in the Common Room) or a special event like the Fall Retreat or the Spring Break Mission Trip information meetings, we can’t wait to see you around! 20 more words

Here's to never growing up... YHA

I did say I would do a post about Youth Hosteling (YH) because when I told people we were staying in one, they just screwed up their noses as if they were imagining the smell of moths in the bedrooms. 154 more words