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What Happens on Poptropica Today Ends up on Tumbr Tomorrow (Plus More!)

Hey guys! The Creators have been checking out Tumbr recently and they’ve been taking screenshots of specific posts. Check them out!

Cute! Sadly, there haven’t been any behind the scenes images for any islands. 162 more words


Chaplain off

Friday 7th March

Hot sticky eugh. Waited til around 7 to start reading some book. Put on some BreakingBad, watched Wreck it Ralph. Dr D came in and Mairead and said about booking scan for Monday, they would get that sorted and have the neck CT scan today. 368 more words

Dental School Icons - the Pool Table

Following on from “what I would miss most…” pictures, there has been a request to see the present pool table in the Dental School Common room.   21 more words

Dental School And Hospital

New Things That Made Me Happy!

I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP TOMORROW!! Ok maybe that is the name but i am not 100% sure and cannot be bothered to check. 570 more words

Only good stories count - A Beetle's Tale VIII

People were heavily mistaken when they believed Rita Skeeter only had sharp ears, because her tongue was sharper and her mind even more so. Bellatrix was welcomed into the 6th year of Hogwarts will all sorts of wild rumours running around about her. 209 more words

Perfect Possibilities