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Don't negotiate with terrorists! (aka cranky-assed kids)

I don’t negotiate with terrorists” is what I tell my kids when they demand I get/do something for them right this very minute “or else”. 538 more words


What Happens If Proposition 1 Passes?

The Vote No crowd has outspent the Yes group by a factor of 8:1, but the polls show Prop 1 may still pass. It’s hard to absolutely know. 418 more words


"No Road" argument has wrong priorities

This letter to the editor from the Alaska Dispatch News does an excellent job of explaining why Alaskans won’t “get over” the King Cove road. 245 more words


Why (Christian) Faith is Important?

I ran across this article in the Alaska Dispatch News

Why young Europeans are becoming jihadis

One statistic that is compelling to me is how many of these kids come from middle-class Muslims homes that are non-practicing (about 60%). 410 more words

Common Sense

Want to know what the EPA manipulation of the Pebble Mine permitting process has cost Alaska?

The Alaska Dispatch News ran a great article this weekend on it. 58 more words