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Thom Stark on Centrism

In our continuing conversation, Thom Stark and I are discussing what radical centrism means and our view of politics and Plato’s Republic. See last week’s installment… 913 more words

Common Sense

Common Sense, Deluge

Today is a day to make Noah happy.  The ducks are rejoicing along with the geese.  There are night crawlers reveling in the streets and turtles with their eyes to the Heavens. 82 more words

Common Sense

Customer Service

Exploring a new medium … love making comic strips!


Net Privacy

Ladies and Gents,

When it comes to the internet there is no amount of security and privacy settings that can be used to keep something completely private. 387 more words

Common Sense

Common Sense, Business

“Drug companies are happy to steal your health and your money.  It is their model for doing business and creating customers”

Richard Rensberry, Author at QuickTurtle Books™

Common Sense

Common Sense, Verdict

“Protests the likes of those occurring in the wake of the police shooting verdict in Ferguson only serve to create the opposite of any positive ends intended.   82 more words

Common Sense

Common Sense Irrationality

“It is completely and utterly irrational that millions of children could and do get sedated through the prescribing of psychiatric medications. When the so called most learned members of a society promote and carry out this mass drugging of their offspring, that segment of society doing the drugging could rightfully be called insane.” 6 more words

Common Sense